Welcome to Kenya- Jumbo Habari

Wow! We’ve finally arrived!
After a sleep deprived 36hrs or so, it was so nice to land in Kenya and be greeted by Sammy our driver and taken to our accommodation at Wildebeest Eco Camp.

This place is awesome & suits us to a tee, (though if you are into 4 star hotel accommodation it would challenge a few addictions for you!). Wildebeest is set on 5 acres of lush green gardens with a range of eco friendly tents, budget rooms, solar power, open style dining & facilities, loads of friendly faces, & it seems to be only mildly leaving a footprint on the earth- they recycle here!!!

After a “good” nights sleep (minus the 3 pee dashes 150 m away in the shared facilities, hence the priority of purchasing a multipurpose pee bucket today!), we ventured out with our newest friends from the camp, Justus & Charlie, to do some car hunting & research. Charlie ushered us into the car, with direction to the “bigger one” (paige) to jump in the front. We had a laugh about that, but Charlie had absolutely no judgement about it, he was simply stating a logical truth.

As Paige mentioned, we were generously given $20,000 for the purchase of a vehicle & hopefully some (or at least one) water tanks . These 2 guys were just beautiful & so helpful in our search. Justus freely gave his time to travel about with us, which meant during our car rides we got to know them a little better.

Justus, 26 yrs old, is from the Masai Mara & has left his wife & little boy there whilst he works in the city to provide for them, often not seeing them for a couple of months at a time. He says he misses them terribly, being 250km away from Nairobi, down towards Narok Town. He has offered to take us to his home & visit the area. It takes Justus a whole day to travel via public transport to reach his remote village. He explained to us that he was fortunate enough to do 4 years of high school, which was sponsored by someone from his village originally. The owners of Wildebeest (who are Australian) offered to pay for him to study tourism at college & also employ him at the camp. In his gratitude for these opportunities to better his life, he sponsored Rose, a young girl from his village, to attend high school (which she has now completed, and wishes to go to college).
Justus did this, even though he earns a modest 15,000 Kenyan shillings ($180) per month. To give you a better understanding of the value of money, it cost us 4500 KSh to be picked up from the airport which is a 25 min drive. We bought a few items at the supermarket, fruit, bottled water, nuts, for 3000 KSh. And yet a SIM card for a mobile phone is 100 KSh ($1.20).

Charlie, is also married with 3 children & we think he actually lives in Nairobi. He is self-employed, as a taxi or driver, and is dedicated to sending his 3 children to college. Education is a high priority for many here in Kenya, and the desire is great, although opportunities are minimal due to the cost. I cannot help but wonder how many australian children would voluntarily walk 20km to and from school everyday because they desired to learn??

Whilst driving about town, sussing out prices, we had many opportunities to answer their questions and share why we are visiting Kenya. We explained to them that we’d been invited to present some spiritual material to some people in Ogembo. “Oh, religion” was their initial response. when we replied “No”, and explained further, their curiosity & hearts longed for more information. Answering question after question, we shared about Love , God, Truth, honesty & integrity. We could feel the openness & passion in their hearts. Charlie, was torn, as he had to concentrate on driving, but was eagerly bouncing in his seat, not wanting to miss a single word! He said ” we only have hope in God & our people need to learn about love”. He talked about the violence & the deaths that happened in 2007 after the elections, & that now these people that killed others were driven mad by “the devil” & were searching for some help- many at a loss as to why they killed so many people. He said they couldn’t live with themselves for what they had done & were feeling sorry & tortured for their actions.

We offered to share with Charlie & Justus about divine truth & do some presentations for them,& also for those people that were so tortured with their unloving actions in the past. Charlie nearly jumped out of the drivers seat with excitement & l couldn’t help but feel the desire he had. l had tingles running through my body as we spoke of what we have learned & the response that these 2 beautiful souls had. Both were very interested in this offer & also Charlie seemed to have some connection to these people that were involved in the violence, so we will see what eventuates from that. It was so exciting to feel their desire to know more, we were just in awe of how all these people, places and events ‘coincidentally’ fall into place.

I feel this part of my life, this journey, is going to be life changing for me. My desire to help & spread divine truth seems to have really begun now, with this opportunity to share with the African nation of Kenya.
I know I have lots of stuff in me that might be ugly & that I need to feel & release, but I don’t want this to stop me from trying to help other people. I have found divine truth & I’m so grateful for that & the changes it’s making in my life & I want to be able to share that with others who also are seeking more to life- who want to know themselves better than they currently do, who want to grow their souls & discover God, to become more kind & loving.
I want to be able to work through my fears instead of living in them, so I can more fully action my desires, become more loving & have a better relationship with God, my partner Paige and everyone else – my brothers & sisters.
I know I will make mistakes along the way, but its awesome to think ( I’m working on the feel part) that God loves me anyway & that He wants me to see me just as He does- warts & all. He desires for me to love me,& to discover my true personality & all the qualities unique to my soul. I look forward to discovering who that is & what other desires & passions I have contained in this little soul.


* Denis, Paige, Justus, Kerry

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Kenya- Jumbo Habari

  1. Mary

    I just love this – its so lovely to hear your voice here Kerry.
    I’ve been praying for you guys and wondering how things are going.
    Thank-you so much for keeping us up-to-date on your adventure!

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  3. Lizzi Swatland

    Thanks so much for all your news so far. I felt excited and teary at the same. Just amazing what you are doing. Love you lots xo

  4. Pamela Rosalynde (Rose)

    Awesomely inspiring, I read with tears and longing . Thank you so much for this ongoing share of your passionate ventures with God, Love, Truth and Humility.

  5. Jennie Braun

    I am totally in awe of your courage and tenasity! Congratulations to you both on your achievement and massive growth.
    Sending you love and hugs

  6. sandra tuszynska

    You are both an inspiration and your sharing is very moving, thank you! You are making a big difference in this world, for so many unfortunate souls, and it shines through your beautiful comments. Your journey is inspiring hope within me, that I too can make a positive change and so I pray xoxo

  7. Cecilia

    Thank you Paige & Kerry for your sharing! Reading your tales has brought both tears and smiles to my face at the same time. Your courage, humility is a true inspiration for me.

    Sending you lots of love!
    Cecilia from Hong Kong

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