Chiropractic & The Soul

Healing, discovering the source and mechanism of True healing, and facilitating others in their desire to live happy, joyful passionate purposeful lives, free of pain and suffering, through the process of developing in Love- is most definitely one of my passions.

For as long as I can remember, I felt drawn to place my hands on people- as a child, I didn’t really understand why, only that it felt ‘right’. As I grew up, I found myself as the confidante- preferring to sit and listen, and learn about the real person and their feelings. I was never very good at small talk. In fact, if the conversation didn’t really mean anything to me, that is, have substance- I said nothing. Which often lead to people thinking I was a snob, or shy. I was certainly selective about who I ‘revealed’ myself to- I guess that means I had issues of trusting people way back then also. Although, on the flip side- others seemed to trust me. Mmm…will ponder that one further.

My journey of discovery and longing to understand the body and its intricate workings lead me along a path where answers were few and questions became plenty. I spent 9 years at university, learning man’s understanding of how the human functions- still there were so many questions unanswered.
I’m not quite sure why, but I seemed to always have a bent towards wholistic healing, rather than allopathic medicine. Maybe because it never made sense to me that God would create organs that needed to be cut out? Weren’t we supposedly made in the image of God- his greatest creation? What was the point of creating organs then, if you supposedly didn’t ‘need’ them??!

As I grew older it never sat well with me that a body so cleverly designed and intricate could have manifested through ‘random chance’ and ‘evolution’- there was simply no logic to that. Especially when identical mathematical equations and formula are also evident in the design, pattern and symmetry of nature and throughout the universe. The human body is one such example of nature’s proportion. Phi, the Golden Number 1.618, is a proportion found in many areas of the natural world as well as in the structure of the human body. Many of the bones that form our skeleton have a proportional relationship of 1:1.618. Coincidence? I think not.

Suppose for a moment, that this was not random, that there was and indeed is a designer, an engineer’s hand at the core of these creations- I doubt very much, that a designer of this magnitude would create flaws in the product. A designer that took that degree of meticulous care in the creation, would not have made errors such as we see manifest in today’s society.
So why then, when even man agrees, that the human body is self healing, self regulating and self regenerating, does it degrade, malfunction, and develop ‘genetic’ malformations? There has to be a logical, irrefutable explanation and way of experimenting, discerning the absolute truth.

There are possibly billions, trillions and ‘gazillions’ of viruses, and bacteria that exist naturally in nature, for a loving purpose, as part of the ecosystem. Why all of a sudden do they go from co-existing in harmony to ‘attacking’ (mans perception) one person or creature (plant or animal), and seemingly ‘spare’ another??? Or why did certain illnesses seemingly attack or occur in epidemic proportions in specific groups of people throughout history? There are countless examples of this; Thalassemia occurs more often in Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Asian and African ancestry, why? Heart Disease, Cancer and Osteoporosis has the highest incidence in America and Australia, why, when the so called ‘civilized’ world, has better food, living conditions and access to medical care, compared to ‘third’ world countries? The African nation is currently experiencing an epidemic of HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria just to name a few. Why? There is much more to it than environment, sanitation and education- MUCH MORE.
Even the common cold- why does it manifest in some members of the family living together, but not all?? They all eat the same food, drink the same water, live in the same environment???? Or the influenza, that wiped out large numbers of indigenous cultures after white man ‘staked their claim’ on land and human??
What is it REALLY, that predisposes or attracts if you like, these illnesses in each individual? And why, when the body is designed to self regulate and regenerate is it suddenly unable to do so?? What is the CAUSE of this impediment to healing?
And then of course there was the big one. Why do we age and then die, after such a minuscule amount of time living on the planet, compared to the eons of universal time??!

I have been longing to discover the answers to these two particular questions for as long as I can remember.

“When a man is ill his very goodness is sickly.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

All of this has never ever begun to make logical sense to me, until now. And the reasonable, provable, reproducible, logical answers I found when I discovered Divine Truth in 2010, has helped me learn about the ‘secrets’ of the universe. And I have been devouring, pondering, experimenting and feeling my way through the mountains of invaluable material ever since.

One of the quotes that struck a cord, when I began my journey toward learning about healing of the physical body was from one of the most well known anatomical texts, used throughout the history of medical training.

“The nervous system is the master system and controls and regulates all other systems and relates the entity to the environment.” Grays Anatomy 29th edition, pg. 4, bottom of the page

I was fascinated, and a vocation found me, that utilized this very system. Chiropractic.

I had grown up with body work, massage and with a chiropractic influence in my life, via parents, grandparents, and family friends. Both as patients and practitioners. These modalities were usually sort as a treatment to relieve pain and suffering- which seemed to make sense to me at the time, using the bodies natural processes, and helping them along by restoring communication. I became much more interested in how this worked and why. It was then I met chiropractors who have been my mentors, that introduced me and guided me toward the wisdom behind the actions that I am now implementing and experimenting with today.

‘The body heals from Above Down, Inside Out’~ BJ Palmer

“Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world?”
~ BJ Palmer

“The Master of your body did not run off and leave you masterless.” – B.J. Palmer

The man that said this, I believe had a connection with God, and knew that he himself was not the healer, merely a channel….I wonder if he knew it was the flow of God’s Love that healed from Above Down, Inside Out?? I wonder if he has discovered that now, in the spirit world??

The founder of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer, BJ Palmer’s father, has also been leading me on a path of discovery- only now, 13 years later [ I ] feel new meaning in his words: The Chiropractor’s Adjuster 1910

“Innate Intelligence [God] is responsible for the organization of living things. It is the vitalistic concept that all life contains within it intelligence and a life force that is responsible for the maintenance and healing of the body.”

“The dualistic system — spirit and body — united by intellectual life — the soul — is the basis of this science of biology”

“Disease is a disturbed [soul] condition, not a thing or entity”

“Life is but the expression of spirit [Soul] through matter. To make life manifest requires the union of spirit and body.”

1895 was the year- religion and science were at opposing ends of the perspective spectrum. The medical world was developing, and gaining power, and there was unfortunately little room in the minds and hearts of its counterparts for God and the ‘logic’ of science- let alone God AS the source and creator of the very Laws science was attempting to discover and prove!
DD was considered a quack, a laughing stock, amongst the medical profession (not much has changed in 200 years hey). As practicing magnetic healer, interested in metaphysics, science and spiritualism (mediumship),  he was attempting to merge these concepts and educate the medical profession, through his research and practice as the Art of Chiropractic was formed.  DD Palmer was a medium, although many of his colleagues, students and his son, did not share his belief in the ability to communicate with the ‘hereafter’.  It is recorded that he said he “received chiropractic from the other world” from a deceased medical physician named Dr. Jim Atkinson, who helped him develop the principles of Chiropractic, which are all based in the theories of Universal and Innate Intelligence. I believe he was definitely being guided, by a spirit developed in Love, maybe.  I also believe, that his emotions, and his desire to be accepted and heard, rather than ridiculed and dismissed, and to a degree his arrogance (emotions of independence and self reliance) influenced they way he presented his theories of how healing occurs, to the world. He used terms such as Universal Intelligence, and Innate intelligence.  I think he was afraid to publish what he really felt deep in his heart, in order to maintain any chance of a voice or sense of credibility professionally. He was a driven man, passionate about his work. As it was he was jailed many times during his career, as were other chiropractors, for “practicing medicine without a license”, but refused to relinquish his theories, or cease engaging in what he loved and felt to be true.
These are just my opinions and feelings. And obviously, my interpretation of these quotes and history may very well be me “seeing what I want to see”; a sign that I am finding the right track, whilst also reflecting my own fears, and in some part may contain threads of truth. One day I hope to ask him about his journey and experiences.
I think about the number of times in my life I have sacrificed my heart and my feelings, in order to avoid ridicule, public or professional humiliation- afraid to stand up for what I believe in my heart to be true, instead, doubting my assessment of things, and not acting on what I have learnt in preference for placating and agreeing with the opinion of others, in order to maintain a sense of belonging and approval. Living in Truth means being willing to stand alone if necessary, without waivering, no matter what.
Maybe, I’m about ready to face that fear, enabling me to begin sharing with my profession, the Truth about Healing. How do changes occur in the hearts of these influential groups (medical, scientific, political, economical, religious) unless those of us who have the desire to discover Truth, are prepared to share and question what we learn?

“All great truths pass through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is vehemently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self- evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

“If you keep postponing a decision, your indecision becomes your only decision.” -Unknown

I don’t want to be ruled by my fear and regret, postponement, procrastination and lack of self worth. I have been to afraid to speak up, to afraid to express my views, to afraid to gather evidence and experiment. To afraid to challenge the status quo. Rather dreaming, and then believing that someone else could to it better. My vision often fades to grey, and diminishes almost to invisibility because I hold beliefs that I am not good enough, skilled enough, charismatic enough, knowledgeable enough, intelligent enough to be able to collate, experiment and present this evidence to the chiropractic world and ultimately the scientific medical establishment.

I realise as I’m writing this, this is initially how I felt about sharing Divine Truth with people. Even when I still owned the Practice, I was selective with who I shared these concepts of healing with- patients and colleagues, alike.  Ultimately, it was only with those that I felt a degree of ‘safety’. And even then, I would find myself, softening the truth, watering it down, to avoid a backlash of emotions I didn’t want flying at me. I could feel myself fighting between wanting to say something that could potentially change their lives, and the feeling of “protect your self, avoid the rejection, humiliation, ridicule and judgement”. All of the above encapsulated within, the justification of ‘my soul condition is not developed in love enough’!
But now I know this is not the case. There is a certain amount of risk, we humans believe, in the desire to grow. Failure and rejection are emotions so many of us avoid like the plague- never choosing to put ourselves in the position where they might even be remotely possible!

But how do we grow, and learn, without being willing to ‘fail’, or feel rejected by another. I’m sure many people laughed, and ridiculed the Right Brothers when they posed the concept of vehicle that flies. What about Pythagoras, the mathematician and Aristotle, the Philosopher, who both theorized that the earth was spherical, and that it had a revolving relationship with the sun and other planets. If they had not shared their feelings about these matters, with the rest of the world, would we all still hold the false belief that the earth is flat?  Did each and every one of us as a babe just get up off our knees one day and walk, never stumbling, never falling??? Clearly not. And are we all dragging ourselves around on our bums in adulthood, because we failed the first time we attempted to stand and walk? No! Back then, we didn’t know what failure was- this experience was about discovery and learning! So what changed? When did it change for you?
(Okay, so figuratively some of us may be dragging ourselves round on our bums- and if we are, then my feeling is, it is only through living in our own fear and avoidance of humiliation, that we continue to allow it.) I don’t wanna have gravel rash on my bum cheeks for the rest of my life- what about you?

I woke with a dream fresh in my mind. I was speaking on camera for a video that would be an introduction for people who sort assistance from me, as a ‘Chiropractor’. This video was going to be a way for me to explain to people who were desiring assistance, what would be involved, my approach to healing, and views on the cause of dis-ease, the personal responsibility and willingness to engage the process that would be required for us to work together, and potential outcomes and benefits, should each person be willing to fully participate. It was the most awesome dream!! I even had this amazing computer graphic that depicted and illustrated in 3D how the Soul interacts with the environment/ universe, then feeds the responses to the spirit body’s organs, mind, chakras, meridians and energy system, and then to the physical body’s nervous system, organs, cells and tissues, right down to enzymes, hormones and neuropeptides! It demonstrated how our feelings and beliefs, emotions and actions transmit energy throughout this whole system and the effects they each have in the spirit body and physical body. And demonstrated what happens when we feel and release an error based emotion or belief, with or without prayer. I woke up wowed- and immediately thought “I gotta find someone who is passionate about computer graphics and design!!!” It was a phenomenal tool for explaining visually how we tick. I was so excited!! Then I began thinking about all the research and data I could collaborate, through case studies of people who were willing to help me, through their own journey- re educate the medical world about the Truth of Healing and Disease. Wow! I’ve got a lot to do when I return to Australia!!! I eventually drew myself out of this contemplative reverie, and joined Kerry at breakfast downstairs.

Dorothy, the owner of the guest house we were staying in was talking to Kerry about how she wasn’t feeling very well- she slept poorly and that was because of her back and legs. She then said, as I sat down- I need to visit a chiropractor when I go Nairobi tomorrow.
Now, let me just fill in the background- no one in Kenya that we have spoken to has ever heard of a chiropractor- let alone know what they do!!! I was gobsmacked! Stunned. So much so that Kerry poked me, and said to Dorothy- “Paige is a Chiropractor.” Now if this wasn’t evidence that God’s Law of Desire exists, I don’t know what is!
“I’d be more than happy to assist you, if you would like some help” I finally added.

Dorothy told us her story and brought out for me to review, a lumbar MRI scan and the accompanying radiology report. She began by explaining all her physical symptoms and how they were affecting her life. Her scans diagnosed spinal canal stenosis and central disc protrusion at L5/S1. Which basically means the disc at the base of her lower back was irritating and altering the nerve supply. Dorothy was experiencing the impact in her legs, numbness and wasting of the muscles in her right leg particularly. Now here is the conundrum. I have had patients in the past that have had disc injuries much less severe than this, that are displaying extreme physical symptoms, pain and are visibly impaired by their condition. Dorothy, works physically hard, sleeps on a crappy foam mattress, travels on horrendous roads, and is still mobile and functioning, relatively well although she is experiencing pain.
So what is it that I am trying to say here? That the degree of pathology, or injury is NOT the cause of the symptoms or pain experienced. It is not the disc protrusion that is causing her suffering, as this spinal degeneration has been culminating her entire life.  The pain, which is very real, and symptoms, I believe are a direct result of her withheld emotions and beliefs, out of harmony with Love.
Allow me to explain further.
After Dorothy expressed her story, I noticed the scan was done in 2012. I asked her, when the pain began. 2008 was the response. Then I asked her, “Did something happen in your life, that upset or disturbed you around this time?” Her head hung and she looked at the ground nodding. “My mother passed in 2008, and I cannot cry about it anymore- it hurts too much”. This was a start, but didn’t feel like the whole truth. Anyway, Kerry and I worked with her, explaining about the Soul, and the grief she was holding onto, that was effecting her in more ways than she realized. She told us how she doesn’t like to dream anymore, because she talks with her mother, and then wakes very sad. She did not want to feel sad any more. Her suppression of her grief manifested depression for some years, which in reality she was still experiencing, although trying to convince herself, her husband and everyone else that she was “OK”. Kerry spoke with Dorothy’s mum (who passed with throat cancer), whilst I adjusted and talked with Dorothy.

Paige & Dorothy 2

After we finished, we came downstairs, where James, her husband was waiting to express his gratitude and thanks for our help.
James- “Will she be okay now?”
Us- “James, the process of healing has just begun, and will only continue IF Dorothy allows herself to pray (we had established she is Catholic and has a belief in God, and was willing to experiment with the idea) and cry – to  feel all the feelings she is holding within her. You can pray for her, also if you want to, to help her do this. And if she cries non-stop for a week, IT IS OKAY! She needs to do it, if she really wants to heal.”
James- “But people will think Its me making her cry!!”
Us- “Well, they might- and that’s something for you to feel about. You could tell them the truth- that it is the hurt and sadness she carries inside her soul that is causing her pain, and her crying about that sadness is the best and only way she will really heal her back!”
James pauses for a moment, contemplation occurring…and a nod of agreement. “Crying is Good.”
Us- “crying is very good. God gave us tear ducts for a reason!!” (big smile)

We were late meeting Michael, and explained what had occurred, and the connection with emotions we had shared with Dorothy. Michael paused and closed his eyes, reflecting and feeling before he spoke. “I will share this with you, so that you may help Dorothy more…during the 2007 elections, her family owned a farm, and events that occurred there have caused her great suffering.”
This was the “there’s more to it feeling” we were getting when helping Dorothy. The feelings she was holding onto, storing in her Soul, were quite literally causing numbness and wasting away.
There are many philosophers, scientists and doctors, in the past and currently, who have been researching this link between biology, belief and emotion. Dr Bruce Lipton and his text “Biology Of Belief“, Dr Masaru Emoto and his research with human consciousness (emotions) and its effect on the molecular structure and behaviour of water. Gregg Braden and ‘The Science of Miracles’ Documentary, explores the link between Quantum Physics, emotions and DNA.  Dr Carl Wickland was psychiatrist in the 1930s that spent his career attempting to discover the cause of dis-ease. He wrote a book called “Thirty Years Among The Dead”, which details case studies of his 30 years in practice, recounting the influence of spirits (people who have passed) and their attachment to the physical bodies of people living on earth. There are so many elements that influence dis-ease, again the Soul, even of spirits in this instance, is at the core of it.  Why is it that we continue to choose to be blind to what is the reality of the world we live in? How many times have you heard or said these statements??

“What’s got into you?”… “I’m just not feeling myself today.”… “What on earth possessed you to do that?!”… “I don’t know what came over me.”

Man is attempting to bridge the gap between emotions and physiology, and discover the link between spirituality and science, in many different disciplines.  Albert Einstein was another curious soul, who spent his life researching and discovering the Truths of the Universe- such was his desire, that he is now a celestial spirit, growing infinitely in God’s Love and Truth (but that’s another story).

Why do you hasten to remove anything which hurts your eye, while if something affects your soul you postpone the cure until next year?  ~Horace

Now I am certainly not knocking, the desire to assist someone in pain (mental or physical) or with life threatening illnesses, chronic or acute. Accident or disease. If someone is brought into the ER, I’m not advocating that the staff all stand around and arrogantly say, “feel your emotions!”.  If we loved, we would do all the we could to support healing the physical body, providing our intention was in harmony with the Laws of Love. In addition, if we TRULY loved, wouldn’t we also desire to take the next step by helping them understand and connect with the feelings emanating from their Soul, that are governing their life, and created this situation in the first place? If this was a possibility, and there was something I could do about it- I would want to know!!! Well, I did want to know, and that is why I am now sharing with you.  To investigate or not- the choice was always completely mine. As it is yours.

For thousands of years we have been applying the same approach over and over again,(using different modalities), expecting a different result which is insanity.
We have had sayings throughout the ages, that must be based in some truth, otherwise why would they continue to permeate our cultures, generation after generation, and voice the concept of this seemingly mystical entity, the Soul. Innately, I believe we all know we are a Soul. Here are the voices of others that are considering the possibility also:

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”
― Walt Whitman

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

“The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Well-meaning, helpful, good-natured attitudes of mind have not come to be honored on account of their usefulness, but because they are states of richer souls that are capable of bestowing and have their value in the feeling of the plenitude of life.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

“Souls live on without their bodies. But bodies without souls are nothing but compost.”
― Gina Damico

You don’t have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body.  ~C.S. Lewis

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.  ~Anne Sexton

Whatever the mind does, the soul has perforce to suffer the consequences of it, because the soul and the mind are knotted together. ~Maharaj Charan Singh Ji

With all your science – can you tell how it is, and whence it is, that light comes into the soul?  ~Henry David Thoreau

Soul shadows you everywhere. ~Terri Guillemets

What is soul?  It’s like electricity – we don’t really know what it is, but it’s a force that can light a room.  ~Ray Charles

Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.  ~Cicero

One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever come to sit by it.  Passers-by see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on the way.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.  ~Josiah Gilbert Holland

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.~ Albert Einstein

Technology and skill has come along way, however- has it ever occurred to the wider community to consider “maybe there was a CAUSAL reason” why this person, at this particular time, attracted this particular event in their life? It doesn’t have to be a great mystery. There are answers to these questions- if you are prepared to investigate.  Address the whole person, physical body, spirit body (including the mind) and Soul. The most important component, we have never understood, or even considered to be the core of our existence- the one vital piece of the puzzle missing from our assessment and diagnosis. Maybe it is time we consider the possibility of a bigger picture…there are some already doing this. In order to discover a greater truth we must be wiling to question everything we know and everything we think we know.

“It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.”- Avatar movie 2009

This is one reason why I left practice. For 8 years, I was adjusting on average 40 people a day.  Some would visit once a year, some once a month, some once a week. In each of these cases, I had patients that I dearly cared for, that had been members of the practice for much of their life in some instances- children and adults, that still had heart attacks, failed to conceive a child, had complications during labour, had children that died, developed auto immune diseases (where the body attacks itself), dementia, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron, fractured limbs, had organs removed, went blind, lost their memory, had strokes, attempted suicide, developed arthritis, experienced severe depression, physical and mental disabilities, learning difficulties…you name it, it still occurred.  Sure, there was short term gain, and improvement, sometimes even ‘cured’- but I could feel it and see it. Overall I was simply band-aiding a wound that continued to fester, one way or another, either in the same location, or it manifested somewhere else in the body. Why weren’t these people I cared about, devoted my life to assisting, healing- growing happier and desirous of life?? Truly healing?  There HAD to be something I was not addressing. There had to be something I didn’t understand about Healing! There was and it is called the qualities and functions of the Soul. A major function of which is the storage, and expression of emotions and beliefs.  Oh how my heart sang when I learnt about this!!!  But- how was I going to share this with others?? They will all think I am nuts!!! The tussle between sharing Truth, acting in Truth and my comfort zone began. Even though I knew, emotion, was energy in motion- I struggled to confront my habits of practice.  Just like stagnant water becomes putrid, so to do stagnant emotions. Did you know that we are physically made up of 80% water? And that emotion utilizes water as a medium to flow through our body?  Phillip Day, has researched and discovered, that the primary issue with any dis-ease process is chronic dehydration.  I totally agree with this effect in our bodies. Even our planet is chronically dehydrated! What’s the first thing they usually do when you are admitted to hospital?? Hook you up to a saline drip, that’s what- to rehydrate you!    Love flows through water- and if you checked out Dr. Emoto’s work you will have discovered what Love and love based feelings do to water. There is also a response for unloving emotions (hate, rage, anger, fear, terror, shame, humiliation, rejection, ridicule, grief). There’s a link here, have you made it yet??

Since selling the Practice, the evidence for the Soul and its governing power over our spirit body and physical body has been mounting.  In november last year, I assisted a young man who had sustained an avulsion fracture of his left malleolus, he sprained his ankle so badly that he tore off part of the bone.  This young man was willing to address and feel all the emotions that were rising in him, after the ‘accident’. He knows that if he hadn’t resisted his emotions in the moments before  the accident, it would not have occurred at all most probably.  What I witnessed during the following 36 hours was an answer to my prayer.  I am fully aware of the ‘normal’ healing process and sequence of events regarding cellular repair. There was no way he was going to be standing on this ankle, and participating in the events of the following week.  Well, I cared for his ankle, with all the knowledge and skill I pertained- he could barely handle me touching him, writhing in pain, as I palpated and assessed the extent of the injury. Iced, adjusted, strapped and elevated, the rest was up to him, to keep feeling.  He cried for most of that afternoon. The next morning when I assessed it’s progress and re strapped it I was astonished- there was no swelling, and the bruising was equivalent to that of a two week old injury! By 24 hrs, he was weight-bearing with a support stick. By 36hrs he was running on it!! During those 36 hrs he had connected with some very deep grief, about his relationship with his mother, and all women in his life.  The causal emotion being loneliness- deep loneliness with regard to women ( did you note it was his Left ankle??).  Now we all at one time have probably experienced the effect emotion has on our physical body. The nervousness before an interview or sitting an exam, gives you the best bowel movements you’ve had in some time. The heart break and pain we feel when a loved one passes, or a relationship dissolves. The flushing of our skin, when we are embarrassed or ashamed.  The quickening of our heartbeat when we see the person that we have just fallen in love with. The pale clamminess of our skin, when we have just experienced a fright.   These are just a few examples of how our emotions effect our physiology. Exactly the same, can occur in reverse.  This young man demonstrated to me beyond a doubt, that humility, the willingness to feel every emotion, no matter how painful or pleasurable, and allowing it to flow through your body without resistance can rapidly alter our physiology. This is how we heal.

A few weeks ago, Kerry and I had another opportunity to witness the healing power of releasing emotion from the soul.  Ishmael, a 12 month old boy, the son of a 17 year old single mother was quite ill. I had been watching him since we arrived in Kineni, and wanted to help, but was not sure if I should offer.  Three days passed, and he was deteriorating before my eyes- they were going to take him to the hospital, but couldn’t afford to go just yet.  His mother did not speak English, and I knew it would be difficult to explain how I work, so I told her I was a Doctor (that much she understood) and that would she like me to see if I can help him.  Javan arrived then and translated as best he could.  We established that Ishmael had not been eating for 2 weeks, he was febrile (had a very high fever), listless, his eyes were glazed, his little body covered in sweat, and his lungs congested, laboured breathing, and a productive cough that I did not like the look or smell of.  This kid was sick- really sick. I was kicking myself that I didn’t step in earlier.

I lay him on his mothers lap, unsure how he would respond to me, a strange white person, touching him. He just lay there looking deep into my eyes.  As soon as I put my hands on him, I became overwhelmed with grief. I instantly had stabbing, burning pain in my heart and chest- that felt like it was crushing me! Wow, this was intense.  I prayed, and I kept on praying, allowing myself to feel all that was rising in me, all that I could feel in Ishmael- the pain was immense, but it kept flowing.  There was someone with this child, I could feel it. So I asked Kerry, if she would tune in and help me out.  As it turned out, it was Ishmael’s mothers, grandmother. She believed that she was protecting her granddaughter and great grandson.  You see, Ishmael’s mother had been raped, at 16, and Ishmael was conceived. She was Susan’s cousin, and they took her in.  The whole community had shunned her- they judged her harshly, ridiculed her, were dismissive of her- it was horrible, to feel the projections that this community had towards her. Even worse, was to see the pain, sadness and shame in her eyes and expressed in her body language. Her eyes always down, her head hung in shame. This was heart breaking to see. She believed it was her fault- and the community members confirmed this for her everyday.  We discovered that she was also conceived through an act of rape.  The grandmother in spirit, was rageful, especially with men, white men in particular.  It took her sometime, to be convinced that we were not going to hurt Ishmael- that we wanted to help him. And that her ‘Protection’ of him, was actually contributing to his sickness.  Her rage with men, that she was holding onto, was flowing into Ishmael, and weakening his lungs. (There was a law of attraction for me here also, realizing that the anger I have and hold onto with some men, is projected to all men- even young boys like Ishmael, simply because he is male).  We talked with her for over an hour, all the while, I was working on Ishmael’s body and spirit body.  As we spoke about different emotions, he responded. We talked with his mum about her shame, grief and terror, and he shook in my hands.  Eventually, his great grand mother stepped away from him, now feeling some of her own emotions and disconnected, if you like. The moment she did that his fever broke.  I still had my hands on him and I could feel the instant this occurred- I became so overwhelmed by the amount of Love that came pouring into me and that child, that I sobbed uncontrollably. I have never experienced anything like this. It was phenomenal.  Within minutes he was sitting up, smiling and wanting to get down and play. He had not done this for 3 weeks. And now he was hungry! The following days he improved out of sight. We also worked with his mum, and as we knew that her withheld emotions were leaving Ishmael vulnerable to relapse.  We hope she is still allowing herself to feel.


Ishmael enjoying a snack

Maureen Ishmael Paige

Maureen, Ishmael & Paige

I cannot explain how different it feels, and easy it is, if I can say that, in that everything flows, when people are willing to look inside themselves and investigate the emotional Soul causes creating Dis-ease.  I don’t ever want to go back to practicing the way I used. For the first time in my life, it feels like real healing is occurring, simultaneously in me (if I allow it) and the person I’m assisting ( if they are willing)- and it is beautiful. Such an amazing gift- that I am ever so grateful to be able to share with others, if they so desire.

Recently I heard an interview about healing Low Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno, who has spent his career researching the link between emotions and pain.  This experience with Dorothy has certainly added to the desire growing within me to take this one step further, within my own career, and connect people with the Truth About The Human Soul and its relationship to dis-ease.

While I’m on the subject, a friend of ours Luli Faber, is also very keen to experiment and research Human Soul. She has just launched a website, and has some fabulous links to interviews, her e-book “Heal Your Own Pain” and also an audio of a educational seminar she has been offering to the community where she lives. We were fortunate to attend one before we departed for Kenya. I highly recommend you check it out. It has certainly reignited my passion for discovering true healing and assisting others who seek the same. (Thanks Luli)

Back to my story. The pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place. And the big picture is beginning to reveal itself- flaws and all. Whilst we have been here we have observed and encountered many things. Of particular note are the massive number of religion based organizations here. In Nairobi alone, there are over 8,500 different Christian based ‘churches’. I’m not kidding when I say every 500m or so there is another church group, of a different name. Every car, bus, shop front, push bike has either pictures of Jesus or Mary, or a reference to “In God We Trust”. Every Sunday, the streets are empty, shops are bolted shut, as everyone attends church. And I don’t mean, rocks up for the obligatory 1hour a week presence in ‘God’s’ house kinda deal. The whole day, is spent at church, singing “I Love you Jesus, You are my Saviour”.

Now here is my observation, and I would frankly say, proof- that Love CANNOT be developed intellectually, in the mind. Christianity and religion has been imposed here in Africa, since the colonial British and Europeans arrived. For centuries, the tribes have been influenced, and slowly begun to live together in community, gathering together to pray and connect with God. It’s a fair assumption to make, that most of these religions have a doctrinal moral law that goes something like “I will not kill.”
If these laws of love, and the connection with God, that so many sites portray, were truly absorbed in the heart and soul- as their Sunday celebrations appear to claim- how is it then, that when members of one tribe take an action, against their Brothers and Sisters, willing to injure or kill, does this reflect the Love of God in their hearts that they parade about on the vehicles and businesses and sing about on sunday?! Not only this, when this lack of love is demonstrated, the hearts of other Christians, quickly demonstrate their true soul condition, as they are willing to torment, destroy, burn alive, and violently slaughter their fellow brothers and sisters, just because they originate from a different tribe. We westerners have been engaged in similar behavior for centuries also, a different “tribe” might be a clan, a religion, a colour of skin, or a another country- each action perpetrated a demonstration that we do not understand God’s Truth- that we are all Brothers and Sisters, Children of God. The facade of the brotherly love, the infamous golden rule of “Treat others as you want them to treat you” falls away, and I would argue- never existed in their hearts to begin with. It was only ever in their minds- as when “push comes to shove” and our integrity is challenged, actions always speak louder than words (John 3:18). Therefore it appears evident, that despite the religious teachings across the globe- the feelings in the soul, the lack of harmony with Gods laws and familial and cultural beliefs, all of which are contained in the soul- over rides any intellectual concept of love or what is loving. This can be said for virtually everyone one the planet- no matter what their background.  I know I have some “fair weather” ethics and morals. I know this because even with my religious up bringing, I have still made choices in my life, when confronted with situations, that have been far from ethical or moral. Which proves to me instantly, that all those concepts, were only ever in my mind, not absorbed as a Truth, as Love in my heart.

Possession of real Love, dictates that we will automatically, act in harmony with that love, as Love is always harmonious with itself.  We will not have to think about what is loving, and modify our behavior accordingly. Although many of us do this, don’t we. This can be demonstrated simply by the emotion we feel when someone does something we ‘don’t like’. Someone jumps the queue at the supermarket when your tired and just wanna get home. When your in the middle of eating dinner and a telemarketer calls on the phone. When someone expresses a different opinion to yours, and their opinion is going to have a significant impact on you. When you turn on the news and hear that a young girl has been raped and murdered on her way home from school.  When we read that the police shot and killed a member of drug ring.  When we support, even through our silence, the continuing of military presence and influence in countries all over the globe under the guise of “peacekeeping”. These are just some examples, and our emotional response to these and countless other situations, are quite literally effecting our health.  See how easily we can fool ourselves into believing we are ‘Loving’. Where are you deceiving yourself in your life? What are your actions telling you about yourself? No wonder there are so many people that pass and remain earthbound when they die- they must get quite a dose of reality. If I am not willing to be humble, self reflective and take a good long honest look at myself- I may very well be in the same boat!

Clearly, historically humanity have missed a very important fact about Love.  I for one, want to correct this in myself, grow in Love and help others who also want to possess Love in their hearts- for real. And maybe, just maybe, the tool of chiropractic, will be a door that is open, an avenue if you will, for me to express my desire, and connect with others who are also searching for health and happiness. One day, I hope my profession will become obsolete- in that facilitators in healing will become a notion of the past. That we will all ( those living on earth and in the spirit world) come to know, discover and prove with 100% certainty, that Love heals all, specifically God’s Love. If you don’t feel you can entertain or experiment with that concept yet, start with developing your own level of love, and see what happens in your life as a result.  What have you got to lose? After all, at the end of the day, we all want to feel loved and give love, don’t we? We write words about it, we sing songs about it, we create art around it, we watch movies and plays depicting it.  Isn’t that ultimately what life is all about? LOVE. And the expression of it.


8 thoughts on “Chiropractic & The Soul

  1. Cee

    WOW Paige!
    I find this very intriguing for my own LOA (I’ll explain later) Anyway, as a previous, long-term patient of yours, I would like to say I NEVER thought you were a ‘nutter’ a snob sometimes, but never a nutter!! I think I will always hold gratitude in the fact you introduced me to JESUS! I mean how many chiropractors would do that…… let me tell you, NONE I have ever come across since – which kinda gets me to the point of my LOA. You are spot on with all you have written here. How basically every aliment in our bodies are perfectly manifested to what emotion we are refusing to address/release/process (however you like to say it). Of course, since you left your practice (and us moving) we have been on the search for many holistic practitioners to assist ourselves and the kiddies with our general wellbeing (I mean we are not at one with God yet and have lots of work to do). So chiropractors, massages for bodywork, nathropath, kinesiology……and everyone I encounter (and thanks to an accident 2 weeks ago – I have been encountering a lot) I keep questioning them about the relationship of my injury or aliment to my emotions. So now I feel like they are the ones saying….”She’s nuts!” None of these ‘healers’ “get it” like you and Kerry do. I am sure they all think I AM NUTS! (Especially when we take responsibility & ownership of our kids errors as an expression of our own – now people just can’t seem to accept that one!)
    And we have seriously contacted 6 different ‘masseurs’ in the attempt to find someone who will do body work with us & ‘trigger’ held emotion within our bodies then allow us the space to release. Seriously, I feel they all think WE ARE NUTS! “so you want to cry & scream & sob when I feel tension in your body – ummmmmm I don’t think I can offer you that and I don’t know anyone who would do that”
    Anyway, lately I have been speaking with my new chiropractor (who I have seen 3 times in 2 weeks) about EMOTIONS and how they are the cause of my pain in my body – but each visit, I FEEL she shuts down to what I am saying. An example would be when I saw her a week after a previous visit where she felt I was holding on to SO much (which I agreed to doing, even though I was unsure of what it was). I had come back for this 2nd adjustment she said to me, “Wow, you certainly have been doing some work & letting go.” I told her I had been doing some processing and had a great release a few days earlier. I had also been experimenting with Bio-energentic work to help me to tap into my core and then release emotion. The next word out of her mouth was, “Hey, while I remember, I’m buying a new cookbook today, I thought you may be interested in it – it is about how to use alternatives to sugar and other foods in recipes”
    What? Cookbook? I was discussing Bio-energetics & emotional release!! Talk about changing the subject!
    Anyway, as you may read into this, I’m just not seeing a healer who is ‘on the same level’ to truth as me – especially truth with regards to emotions and the effects suppressing them has on your body. And very interestingly, I found that when I walked out of yesterday’s adjustment I just didn’t feel like………..well I just didn’t feel like I did when I walked out from seeing you! I actually felt like she had done ‘nothing’. Which of course was not true – my arse cheeks where she applied pressure to release the knots are bloody tender today – demonstrating she DID do something!!!
    So this gets me back to what I felt when I read your post. At this very moment, because of MY knowledge of God’s Laws and TRUTH, I can not heal or even be assisted to heal (even with all the adjustments under the earth) if I can not be TRUTHFUL in the healing itself – by this I mean, if I (as the patient) can not be in a space of TRUTH with the healer, then it just ain’t gonna get fixed!!
    So there’s another interesting concept to throw into the mix!
    Love to you both, Cee

  2. elvira

    Paige thank you, there is just so much in this and your post about anger that relates to me (just never connected hurt with anger!). You are truly generous in your sharing, all the detail and context make it so real for me, a great deal to reflect on and feel. The anger towards men, I have two sons who I have harmed with my anger, I have struggled with this connection, so clearly demonstrated here. It is interesting that you are facing up to your fear of disapproval in baring your soul and it just makes me feel love towards you. Best wishes for the rest of your wonderful journey.

  3. Denise

    HI Paige.. thankyou for your post at first yes i felt the resistance to reading such a lenghthy blog.. with plenty of thoughts of taking a hot shower, getting a hot drink some food maybe trying to take over me. I started reading then was hooked so many gems for me. after 37 yrs of nursing i too am feeling this frustration of returning to heal the same ulcers etc several times and feeling this pull within side of me to act differently get out of a system that refuses to see anything different as helpful, several times recently i have acted differently and prayed and spoken to the spirit body of a few palliative clients struggling to “hold in there” and related to them (their spirit body) about fear and emotions and being safe to “let go” any time they left brave enough and told them of the presence of their guides and so much love and assistance waiting for them if they desired to experiment and ask to see these guides and to ask for love, I told them of the presence of the spirit world and continuation of life and opportunties they could have if they were brave to feel their emotional pain and of the opportunity to continue to grow and love after physical death. And each time within a few hours and less and at most a day I have been phoned and told of their passing. I have had so much emotion, and feeling of love from acting on my inner feeling that the evidence is rock solid. And proof in my own body of being at the end of my rope with constant extreme long standing pain in my right side and my chest that on my way for bone scanning i become very angry in my car alone. That I fully expressed my rage and moved quickly into to overwehelming grief about father and male issues from my life that was followed by such peace and within a few hours all pain was gone from my body this was a week ago and i am pain free in my chest and have had only a few minor niggles in my right side yes more emotion to release there but solid proof of healing via soul emotional release. So thankyou for your long post which has funnily enough resulted in my long response. love always my sister…. Denise

  4. Linda

    What a beautiful gift of love you both gave the young mother, her little boy & the spirit with him, it really moved me. Thank you Paige for sharing.

  5. Pierre

    Wonderful and inspirational sharing Paige. It felt first so long but was worth to read all the way to the end! Thank you very much. Pierre

  6. Karrie

    Paige, as ever THANK YOU for your gift to us , I am so blessed to have been a client you had the courage to share this with, I have witnessed the weight your work placed on you and seen thoughts and emotions cross your face when you treated us , I always trust you would tell me what u needed to when you needed to .
    I do truly understand all that you say about emotion and the physical condition – myself and my family have some work to do here , recognition of that is one step , it’s the doing that’s the big one.
    Thank you for your courage in sharing this again , you inspire and bolster my courage to do the work .
    Asante Sahna kaka. Xo

  7. Heather Hess Nibley

    Hi Paige, I recently discovered your and Kerry’s blog after hearing Jesus mention it in one of his video presentations. I just finished reading this entry and even though it may be old news to you, so much of what you wrote here resonates with me. I was a massage therapist in the U.S. for 15 years and gradually became disillusioned seeing the same clients over and over but they never healed in any sort of long-term way. When I heard Jesus’ explanations about the Soul, it all made a great deal of sense to me.

    Thank you for sharing about your journey into chiropractic and healing. I’m especially touched by your and Kerry’s experience with Ishmael and his mom and ancestors. That was remarkable.

    I hope to be able to meet you someday. Thank you for sharing yourself in some of the Divine Truth videos.




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