The Ring Of Kerry

Well we finally boarded a plane and waved our friends goodbye. Next stop Ireland.  With all the mucking around that occur with the robbery, we ended up flying direct, rather than traveling via Heathrow.  We left in the nick of time, as a few days later the international airport in Nairobi was evacuated and closed down due to a fire gutting the departures! Close one!

Here we planned to stay with Kerry’s friends/cousins Maggie and George, basing ourselves in Tramore, Waterford county (most people have heard of Waterford Crystal) for about 10 days.  We were really looking forward to being able to go for a decent walk, without being hasseled. Plus a swim was definitely on the cards.

We spent the first few days sorting out the fall out from the robbery- hours on the phone and computer, filing a claim with the travel insurance company.  I’m sure they make it such a teadious process, so that most people will give up, and can not be bothered completing the required details!  We discovered during this time, that we would not be able to go to thailand and meet with Soe, in fact we were not going to be able to do many things we had hope while we were in the vacinity.  Reluctantly, we have to fly home at the end of august, direct to Australia, to align with the 6 months validity on your passport clause.  Bummer dude.

So we figure whilst we are in ireland, may as well have a look around.  The Waterford Spraoi festival was on the first weekend we arrived. Street theatre, various bands, dancers, acrobatics and of course the fireworks finale.  We checked out a couple of things- one of which was really cool. The headliner act was from france, Delreves. It reminded me of a puppet show…

Maggie and George took a fews days holiday and we all headed over to the south west coast, of Dingle Penisula and the Ring Of Kerry. They had been experiencing beautiful weather, even for ireland, so we hoped the lookouts and scenic route would be worth the visit.

Via Conors Pass, which did actually fog up completely, we set down for the night in Dingle. This is a cute little seaside town, with nice art galleries, and live music all about the place. It was busy being summer hols, but still not crowded compared to Kenyan standards. After finding a place to lay our heads for the night, we meandered about town through the afternoon and into the evening. We stumbled across ‘unplugged sessions’ in the local music shop, just as they were about to close the door and begin the evenings performance- perfect timing, live music that is not in a pub, brilliant! What a treat, David Geaney, eighteen year old, four years running, World Champion Irish dancer! A local folk singer, Pauline, and then Marie Fielding, a Scottish Fiddler. David was PHENOMENAL! HOW he moved his feet so fast without landing flat on his face…brilliant. Wanna see?

This inspired us so much- what a talent! We gave it a crack a few days later…crack of laughter that is.

Marie Fielding and Mat, the guitarist were also brilliant. There is something about music that just permeates the soul- especially when the person performing is loving it also. Oh how I wish I could play like this. How fast is Mat’s hand strumming!!

The following day we continued our jaunt around the coastline, to Valentia Island, Portmagee, Cliffs of Kerry, Skellig Rocks
Cliffs Of Kerry- Portmagee
Skelligs Rocks @ Cliffs Of Kerry

Ballinskellig Castle and Beach, Waterville and the Loher Lookout, Kenmare, Killarney, then back down towards Glengarriff, a boat to Garnish Island and gardens, to Cork and ‘home’ to Tramore.

Ballinskellig Castle

Ballinskelllig Beach

Ballinskelllig Beach

Waterville Lookout

Waterville Lookout

Loher Fort- Waterville

Loher Fort- Waterville

Ross Castle, Killarney

Ross Castle, Killarney

Killarney Lakes
Killarney Lakes Lookout- County Kerry

Torc Waterfall
Torc Waterfall- Killarney

Muckross House:
muckross house

It amazes me how houses like this were constructed, with the skill and techniques of the day.  After hearing the stories of why certain things were in place, like a 36 call bells, wired throughout out nearly every room in the house, with written identification labels in the bell hall- only none of the staff could read, so they had to learn to distinguish every bell by the tone of the ring. And the example of a huge frosted window above the upstairs landing, so the owners could not see their staff going about the tasks of the day- makes you wonder how they are traveling in the spirit world.  I forget that Australia is relatively young in its westernised habitation.  I am actually extremely thankful that I was not born in this era.  Gender and class were big issues of the day. Although the emotional injuries, and belief systems are probably still quite similar to those of this time, maybe less overt in some parts of the world. For example, the last family to own this Muck Ross Estate, went banckrupt after completely rennovating and remodeling the house, purely because Queen Victoria gave 6 years notice of her visit, and she stayed for all of two days.  They had hoped that she would be so impressed with her visit that she would grant them Titles, furthering their position in the social hieracy. Upon Queen Victoria’s return to England, her husband died suddenly and she went into a deep depression- her two day visit to Ireland completely vacating her memory.  A fairly dramatic consequence of the need to people please, and gain ‘superior’ social standing, hey! The universal law of equality certainly was not demonstrated here. There were many addictions and errors that came to light, as a result of a tour through this house- well, the entire stay in Ireland actually. God really does provide opporunities for Soul awareness, correction and growth in every moment.  I need to work on my obliviousness.

muck ross 2
Thanks to google images for these pics.

Kenmare Stone Circle, dates back to druids and bronze age, 3000yrs.
Kenmare Stone Circle 2

Valentia Island

Valentia Island

Ring Of Kerry
Ring Of Kerry

We are now in England, hoping to meet up with Denis, and share our experiences from Kenya with a group in Liss, South Of England on Sunday.  Ange and Pete have kindly opened their hearts and home to us, and it has been a lovely peaceful stay the last few days- affording us the opportunity to speak openly and reflect on all that has occurred over the past few months. Thanks guys- its been lovely to get to know you.


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