Meet Charles & Vincent

Pastor Charles and Pastor Vincent. These two young fellows are pretty excited by the events that have occurred in their lives over the past month or so. They are a little camera shy, but were willing to sit with us and share a little of themselves. Amid the traffic noise and maize grinder, we managed to capture a sample of their personality.


2 thoughts on “Meet Charles & Vincent

  1. Alla Barsoukova

    Hi Kerry and Paige,
    This is more of a personal message. Wanted to thank you for the beautiful presentation last Sunday and tell you how inspiring it was to listen to your powerful experiences – proof that every “God’s law” really IS LAW and can be trusted and consciously followed provided there’s will to do so…(edited)… I really really look forward to reading more about what you do, about the Kenyan follow-up or anything else you’d write about. It really was an honour to meet you! And a true lesson in humility… Much much love to you gals!!! xxx


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