No Time Like The Present

Happy NYR Kids!

Since a number of people have been asking we thought we’d let you know…

Great news- my restraint of trade for Wangaratta area has ceased! Yippee!

And Kerry and I have been generously offered a room to use whilst we are home in January 2014.
Therefore, if you, or someone you know, would like a Chiro, Auriculo or emotional bodywork session to kick off the new year and really start opening up to and exploring the CAUSE of issues in your life, we are happy to assist where we can.
Feel free to spread the word, and email
for further inquiries or to tee up a time!

In February we’ll be heading north to the Wondai QLD area for a month or so, and are willing to make ourselves available during that time also.

We wish you a year of biting off experiences or challenges that expand your heart and questions everything you think you know!

With love Paige & Kerry


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