“A Renovators Delight”

Over the past 6 months we have been experimenting with the techniques and skills that each of us have developed during our vocations. Admittedly, when we first learned about Divine Truth, we tended to throw up our arms and tossed everything out the window, assuming it all to be either addiction, dealing with effects, symptoms, and manifested consequences- purely band-aiding problems, rather than addressing soul causes.

In recent times we have begun engaging a dialogue with our respective Guides and Spirit Friends, and are in an experiment of revisited our learnings of the past, with a renewed focus and intent. That being, to examine ALL things and separate the Truth from the error.
Our ultimate desire being to discover God’s Way of Healing.

Whilst we are currently a fair way off being an unimpeded channel for the flow of God’s Love through us, as Jesus was in the 1st Century- we are beginning to realise and discover that there are tools to assist ourselves and others, who desire to Heal God’s Way, no matter what our condition is right now.

You can really only start where you are at. And there is no judgment of where that ‘at’ might be. In fact it’s possibly unrealistic, and almost impossible to grow sincerely, unless you acknowledge where you are really“at”.

Of course! (Light bulb moment) We are already being shown this, through the design of the Spirit World. What’s the first step an Earth Bound Spirit needs to take in order to begin the process of Healing and developing in Love? They go (willingly) to the location in the spirit world, their home that their soul created, that perfectly matches and reflects where they are ‘at’. It might be the Hells, somewhere in the middle of the 1st sphere, or higher- doesn’t really matter ‘where’ they arrive, only that it is their starting point, an acknowledgement of where they are ‘at’- from God’s perspective. My feeling is, It’s then up to the individual, to accept and truly see where they are ‘at’, before the real change can occur.

Which is kinda cool when you think about it- that God’s got our back at any and every stage of our soul development. Even when we are completely blind and detuned from the assistance and support that is so constantly available to us.

Perhaps it’s our willingness to be seduced by a facade, (our own and that of others) that blinds us here. I know I certainly have this tendency. To stay in the illusion ( or delusion) that things are better than they are, or feel them to be so so bad. That I’m ‘growing’ because I listen to and talk about Divine Truth (when really I’m not), or at times the opposite, condemning myself for a soul condition that I believe is worse than what is true. No, matter what the facade…it ain’t real is it.

Mmm, yes – self reflection and humility really is paramount. No wonder Jesus & Mary talk about it all the time! (Another light bulb moment).

So what have we discovered so far, you may ask?

Well, the first important point is that it does not matter what ‘help’ you seek, what drug you take, what remedy you subscribe to, what food you consume, what method of relief or ‘enlightenment’ you engage. No real lasting change can occur unless you engage your Will and your Desire, to be honest, really honest about how things are for you right now.
How do I really feel? Have I even dared to allow myself to feel, what I’m really feeling? Or even admitted to myself that I have feelings about all manor of things? And then, take the next step by feeling them.

The Key to Health and Healing being, that we ARE emotional beings, and our soul feelings dictate our entire lives, whether we realise it consciously or not.

It seems illogical to think that we can grow to be truly healthy and happy, from God’s perspective, if we begin that growth on a foundation of denial, falsehood and warped reality.

What happens when you build a house on dodgy foundations? Things might appear OK, for a time, but gradually cracks appear, things start falling to bits and issue after issue arises, requiring endless maintenance and repairs.

Our feeling is, it’s analogous with us. For many of us, at this time in our lives, our body is the ‘home’ that our soul ‘resides’ with in, and is reflective of the emotions, feelings and beliefs that form our ‘foundations’ (much like the spirit world reflects condition for our spirit friends).


We each have different ‘building blocks’, a combination of some new, some recycled, some antique. As we inspect, we will probably find several that wont be much use in the final construction- and may require you to take a wrecking ball to the wonky malformed ones that are messing with your solid foundations.

I reckon though, some brilliant cornerstones can be fashioned from a willingness to sift through the rubble, that will strengthen the entire structure- especially if you consult the greatest Architect in the universe!


Healing and soul growth- a renovators delight!

We ourselves are aiming to become 100% emotional beings, in harmony with Love. And just like you, we are definitely a work in progress. At this stage of our lives we have found bodywork to be a tool that we can utilize to assist this desire, within ourselves and with others.

Like any tool, it is not to be relied upon as the way to be emotional. By this I mean, the only time emotion and feelings (pleasurable or painful) are felt is when bodywork is engaged. As this is not the answer. In fact, if this scenario is already occurring for you, then I would suggest bodywork has become an addiction.

Ideally, it is desirable to be feeling your emotions passing through you, whatever they are, at all times. Whilst on the journey to reach this emotional destination, bodywork can be one of many tools to help us realise how ‘stuck’ and detuned we actually are.


So if any one feels like ‘renovating’, or has begun ‘renovating’ and would like some assistance to become aware of some of the blocks and resistance built up in your ‘home’, we are currently in the Wondai QLD area and are willing to share our time with those who are sincere about being honest with themselves, and seeing, through feeling, what you’ve got to work with.

We have generously been offered two venues in Wondai, from which we can utilize for Bodywork sessions, whilst we are here.

Our intention within a session, is to assist you to feel your own body. To feel being IN your own body, and to bring your awareness, through various body contacts, Chiropractic, Auriculotherapy, muscle therapy and mediumship, any areas of resistance, blockage or pain, that are potentially holding and storing suppressed emotion. All of which reflect a road block to receiving Love, specifically God’s Love and prevent you from healing, the way you were designed to heal.

We do not wish to ‘fix’ you, or alleviate your pain. We do not expect you nor attempt to encourage you to experience a causal emotion on the table. Nor do we encourage you to expect that of yourself- as this would be forcing your Will.
We do not wish to hand hold you through an emotional experience.

In fact, we find it is generally more sincere, when emotion is ‘processed’ (experienced and released) alone, and this tends to occur after a session, rather than during. Although, this is not always the case- it is totally dictated by the individuals true soul desire.

Our intention is to help you identify blocks, and resistance- be as real with you we possibly can, and the rest is up to you.

If you would like to book a session please email: pegznkezz@gmail.com

There has also been some requests to learn ‘Bodywork For Self Awareness’. We feel it is important to become more and more self responsible. In that, relying on another, to help you become aware of your blocks, or give you truth, can become an addiction, especially if you are unwilling to discover these things for yourself.

We are willing to make ourselves available for a mini workshop, possibly to be held in mid March, also in the Wondai area.
If this is something that would interest you, feel free to register your interest via the same email address.

Every day is an opportunity to experiment towards becoming real, and attempting to re-learn feeling, what is real- for us.
Most days we totally miss the mark, some days there are moments of clarity, raw honesty and overwhelm. We pray that moments become minutes, minutes become hours, and hours become days.
In the mean time, as the percentage fluctuates (or completely stagnates on zero), we realise there is no point ‘waiting’ til the ‘right time’, before we live in the world, and engage in opportunities or desires. The real comes with being prepared to give it a red hot go.


One thought on ““A Renovators Delight”

  1. Linda Munster

    Thanks for this post Kerry & Paige, I love your approach and honesty. there is much in this for me to reflect upon and act upon. love Linda


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