Bodywork Basics in Kentucky NSW

Kerry & I are on the road again, after spending a few months in warm sunny QLD, this time heading back to Victoria, to rent for 12 months or so. Two and a half years traveling and living out of boxes has us yearning for a base and a place to call ‘home’, at least for a little while.
Whilst on our way south, we will be stopping in to visit our friends @ Kyabra Station. As we have received requests recently for personal bodywork sessions and expressed interest in us offering a Bodywork Basics Workshop, while in the area, the Lytton-Hitchins family have kindly offered their Orange room as a venue for us to utilize during our stay. Thank You guys, we really appreciate your heart-felt generosity and hospitality.

The low down, if you’re interested is as follows:

Workshop: You, Your Body & God- an introduction to Self Bodywork
Date: Saturday 26th April 2014 (to be confirmed)
Time: 10.30am – 2pm
Venue: Orange Room, Kyabra Station, Kentucky NSW

Workshop Outline:

1. Breathing
2. Water & Salt
3. Whole foods & Body cycles
4. Bodywork
– Emotional storage ‘hotspots’
– Pain & Feedback
– Ear Stimulation
– Meridian Massage
– Neurolymphatic Stimulation
5. Stretching & Release Exercises

Kerry & I are passionate about learning all we can about the Human Soul and it’s reflection and influence on our physical and spiritual bodies. We enjoy spending time, and sharing with those who also desire to learn about who they are, how they tick and why?
It’s like an exciting treasure hunt; discovering all the pieces of truth, experimenting with how they fit together, and getting a taste of the creative genius that designed the whole kit and kaboodle!

We are relatively young in this endeavor, examining and experimenting, but are enthusiastic all the same.
The aim of the workshop being to share with you, or in some cases, remind you, of some basic concepts that have been designed to support us, that we so often take for granted or de-tune from. To share tools and bodywork techniques that we personally have discovered to be beneficial, that you, if you choose to, can do for yourself, on yourself, that may assist you to become more body-soul aware, proactive and self responsible, along your journey to health, healing, happiness and Love.

Please note, while this workshop is partially “hands on” and experiential, it is not about assisting you to ‘get into emotions’ within a group setting. Rather, it is about sharing things that may be useful to you, to apply when you are desiring to love yourself, and get to know yourself, in a private self reflective setting.

If you would like to come along and play with us, please register your interest at, by providing us with your full name, address and contact details, including a phone number. There will be limited spaces available.

Personal Bodywork Sessions:

Since opportunity has knocked, Paige will be making herself available for sessions between April 15 & April 26, either in Uralla or at Kyabra Station. Once again, please register your interest via


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