Man Up

A doco is currently being aired Tuesday evenings on ABC exploring suicide in Aussie men, what it means to be an Aussie man and society ‘rules’ guys and gals feel men should follow.

Gus is a radio presenter who lost his best mate to suicide. The experience has prompted him to explore why the highest rate of suicide in Australia occurs with men, and why asking for help, talking about and expressing emotion is so taboo amongst men.

The two episodes aired so far are beginning a conversation that needs to be had.

I am finding it valuable, as insight into how men feel about things; the projections and false beliefs that they contend, with particularly from women.

It is really inspiring me to reflect on how I view men, how I treat men and have treated men. How I behave around men, and become more sensitive to how men respond around me and reflect on why – what is in me, and why have I basically ignored and raged at half of the population most of my life, without considering the damage it creates.

For personal reflection or not, it’s an eye-opener, and possibly even a heart-opener.

ABC Man Up Tuesday 8.30pm
Or watch episodes on ABC iview.

Also there is a Doco-drama called Men’s Group that explores similar themes.


One thought on “Man Up

  1. Therese Gubier

    Hi, thanks for that, it reminds me of a documentary “The Mask You Live In” I saw on Netflix, looking at related issues in America, where society’s attitudes and expectations create emotional suppression and isolation in men and support criminal behaviour, it looks at how we so easily distance ourselves and judge something that WE have created.


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