What The Health

Great news! Kip Andersen and his crew, the makers of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret have completed their follow up project, What The Health.

Kip researches and discovers important links between chronic disease and leading dietary causes.

I enjoy Kip’s investigative, self-reflective approach as he courageously and logically attempts to discuss the impact of dietary choices, and the recommendations the corporations involved in the health care sector are making.

I found it interesting to see the emotional responses people had to Kip presenting truth.  It highlighted again for me, the need to develop the quality of humility personally.  I forget sometimes that my lack of humility not only affects me, but the wider community.  The flow on effect of each individual on the planet choosing to not develop humility means we find ourselves living in a society where those people elected into decision or policy making positions,  can quite literally make the difference between life and death, growth or destruction.

It is easy to blame the corporations or a few individuals, but honestly where is the self-responsibility in that.  The corporations and the health industry we have today is a product of OUR choices.  Our individual state of health is a direct result of our choices.

What The Health certainly encouraged to re-examine my choices. Thanks Kip.

Stream or download What The Health via Vimeo.


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