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Kerry & Paige

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We, Kerry and Paige, each for as long as we can remember have felt a yearning- a longing if you will, to discover the Truth About The Soul. What is this thing we hear referred to so often in life, but can never really have adequately explained or described- yet innately, we know, we must have one. But what does that mean? Is the Soul who I am? Am I more than just a physical body? Is there more to my existence than the blip on the universal timeline that 80-90yrs might be? Who made my Soul, if I have one, and what am I supposed to do with it? What was the point of my being created in the first place? What makes me who I am? Why do people ‘die’ young and old? And where do they go, if anywhere? Why do “bad things” happen”? Why do we get sick? Is there such a thing as miracle healing? What does “to be healed” really mean? And why does this all get placed in the too hard basket- the big mystery, destined by man never to be fully revealed?!! Like many before us, something inside us sort more than a mediocre ‘mystical’ illogical response. “Its a mystery” just wasn’t gonna cut it.

So we began, as young girls, seeking the answers to these and other questions which have guided us individually, and together, on a path of discovery. Thirsting for more over the years, as one question became ten, our yearning has as attracted into our lives the Secrets of The Universe and in turn, the Principles of Divine Truth*. Finally, a thorough scientific, logical, investigative, heart opening, soul inspiring explanation of us and the world we live in. At last, something tangible with which to experiment- and that’s just what we have been doing over the past three years.

We decided to create this blog as a place where we invite you to visit and catch up with us and our experiences. It is also a place that we will use to keep record of our journey as we discover, investigate, and experiment with our Soul Condition (a culmination of who we are), as we learn about God’s Laws of Love and Truth, and how they are actioned and evident in our lives, if at all.

“God has no religion.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Please understand, we are not referring to religion- especially when we mention God. We know, we both used to freak out whenever someone mentioned the “God” word- all of a sudden, we felt controlled, judged, manipulated, unworthy, less than, a lack of trust, guilt and to top it all off, terrified. Can you guess- we both came from catholic upbringings! The concept of God was a threat, not a friend. Fear not love. Illogical, not logical. Limitation not freedom. Solemn and rigid, not joyfully childlike. And to be very honest, we are still emotionally working our way through many of these false beliefs that we carry in our hearts. God for many people, athiests included, is taboo- and that’s okay. That question, like any other, is for you to resolve within yourself- when and if you choose.

What we do know, and feel in our hearts, is that we have a desire to grow our Souls in Love- God’s Love. We have a desire to live a life as best we can, in harmony with Truth, Honesty and Integrity. In order to strive for that, means we require LOADS of Humility- a willingness to recognise and feel where we are acting or thinking unlovingly, and most importantly to investigate and feel WHY we are acting and feeling that way.

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
Mahatma Gandhi

We are both, most definitely a work in progress! We do not profess to ‘know it all’, nor do we feel we are “getting it right” all the time- or any of the time for that matter! We will probably make many mistakes along The Way- and by that I mean, we will probably behave unlovingly toward the people and environment around us. We are forever the student- provided we are willing to feel all the emotions and consequences for why we acted that way in the first place- generally we learn something about ourselves, real Truth and Love. We may say and state opinions and beliefs within this blog, and in life, that we one day discover to be untrue. That is okay with us. As we wish to be as honest and as open as we can with everyone that we meet and interact with which means we may, in the future, need to come back and say “You know what- that thing I said about this and that…well, I would like to correct that with you, because now I understand it to be this.” It is not unloving to have an opinion- in fact it’s great to have an opinion! It is not a mistake to think one thing and discover later it is untrue. Everyone has free will to think and feel what they like, whenever they like. It is however unloving, to judge, ridicule, humiliate, become angry or rageful, with someone simply because they have an opinion that differs from yours, or God’s.

Why are we saying all this? Because within this blog we will express our opinions, our beliefs, and share our experiences as rawly as we are courageous enough to be. We will bare our hearts and souls, for you all to see, if you so desire. We will write about our mistakes- the times where we discover we have harmed another through our unloving behaviour. We will write about what we feel, what we come to realise about ourselves and what we think in regards to our own personal experiences. We will discuss and ponder questions about “what is Love?”, “what is Truth?”, and how does that really look in our day to day lives- if in fact it is evident at all! And, if it is not- why? What might the reasons be for the lack of it? We may discuss our thoughts and feelings about God, God’s Laws, Spirits and the Spirit World. In a way, this is an experiment in developing the courage to be REAL. We both have emotional injuries around what other people think of us, wanting to be liked, seeking the approval of both men and women, and ‘being a good girl’. It’s exhausting. Time to challenge all those fears of judgement, rejection, and humiliation- enter P&K’sTruth Tales!

There is much potential here for your opinion and beliefs to differ to ours- and that is okay. We ask you to remember that you are allowed your opinion, just as we are allowed ours. And to be frank, if you are having an emotional response to what we have written, and continually don’t like it (ask yourself,why?) or simply don’t read it. If you wish to engage, and discuss, we invite you to do so- we are always up for an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, others and the vast intricate universe we live in. What we do ask of you is that if you choose to engage with us, either directly or indirectly, that you take a moment to feel where inside you your response or comment is coming from, and ask yourself how would I feel receiving , what it is you are about to say, delivered with the tone you are about to say it with.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Gandhi

We both have a deep passion to assist others, on earth or in spirit, who express a desire for help, to heal and be happy. As we have discovered, since leaving our businesses, there are many ways to connect, reflect and facilitate change. This blog may be one of those avenues.
So, as we continue to weave new threads in the tapestry of our lives, we invite you to read about our experiences, as we reflect along The Way- when ever and where ever that may be. Maybe, something will resonate and potentially help you question and grow too.

With Love

Paige & Kerry

*If you are keen to investigate more thoroughly or even curious as to what has had such a big impact on our lives, check out www.divinetruth.com or YouTube Divine Truth Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/WizardShak


5 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Lena

    Hey girls, love the intro! Thanks for sharing yourselves out here! Lets all explore those ‘hard’ to answer questions!!! x

  3. Fiona

    A great and inspiring intro – thanks for ‘putting yourselves out there’ …. and right into your ‘fears’ – A beautiful example of what we are all possible of! Fiona xx

  4. Kelly Carrigan

    Hi P & K. Enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you more, even though a few years ago this was posted. Shows me how personal honesty with Gods Truth is timeless. I look forward to my next game of backgammon!
    Love Kelly xo


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