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Bodywork Basics in Kentucky NSW

Kerry & I are on the road again, after spending a few months in warm sunny QLD, this time heading back to Victoria, to rent for 12 months or so. Two and a half years traveling and living out of boxes has us yearning for a base and a place to call ‘home’, at least for a little while.
Whilst on our way south, we will be stopping in to visit our friends @ Kyabra Station. As we have received requests recently for personal bodywork sessions and expressed interest in us offering a Bodywork Basics Workshop, while in the area, the Lytton-Hitchins family have kindly offered their Orange room as a venue for us to utilize during our stay. Thank You guys, we really appreciate your heart-felt generosity and hospitality.

The low down, if you’re interested is as follows:

Workshop: You, Your Body & God- an introduction to Self Bodywork
Date: Saturday 26th April 2014 (to be confirmed)
Time: 10.30am – 2pm
Venue: Orange Room, Kyabra Station, Kentucky NSW

Workshop Outline:

1. Breathing
2. Water & Salt
3. Whole foods & Body cycles
4. Bodywork
– Emotional storage ‘hotspots’
– Pain & Feedback
– Ear Stimulation
– Meridian Massage
– Neurolymphatic Stimulation
5. Stretching & Release Exercises

Kerry & I are passionate about learning all we can about the Human Soul and it’s reflection and influence on our physical and spiritual bodies. We enjoy spending time, and sharing with those who also desire to learn about who they are, how they tick and why?
It’s like an exciting treasure hunt; discovering all the pieces of truth, experimenting with how they fit together, and getting a taste of the creative genius that designed the whole kit and kaboodle!

We are relatively young in this endeavor, examining and experimenting, but are enthusiastic all the same.
The aim of the workshop being to share with you, or in some cases, remind you, of some basic concepts that have been designed to support us, that we so often take for granted or de-tune from. To share tools and bodywork techniques that we personally have discovered to be beneficial, that you, if you choose to, can do for yourself, on yourself, that may assist you to become more body-soul aware, proactive and self responsible, along your journey to health, healing, happiness and Love.

Please note, while this workshop is partially “hands on” and experiential, it is not about assisting you to ‘get into emotions’ within a group setting. Rather, it is about sharing things that may be useful to you, to apply when you are desiring to love yourself, and get to know yourself, in a private self reflective setting.

If you would like to come along and play with us, please register your interest at, by providing us with your full name, address and contact details, including a phone number. There will be limited spaces available.

Personal Bodywork Sessions:

Since opportunity has knocked, Paige will be making herself available for sessions between April 15 & April 26, either in Uralla or at Kyabra Station. Once again, please register your interest via


Bodywork Basics Workshop

Hi there,
Paige & I are doing a Bodywork Basics Workshop in QLD before we head back down south to Victoria.

Note the date change
When: Saturday 29th or 30th March
Time: 10.30am – 2pm
Venue: Wondai, QLD

Our intention being to share with you some basic concepts, tools and bodywork techniques that we personally have discovered to be beneficial, that you, if you choose to, can do for yourself, on yourself, to assist you to become more proactive and self responsible, as you unveil the real you and grow towards God (if that is one of your desires).

Having said that, the tid bits that we plan to share are by no means all inclusive, nor will they or any other tool or technique implemented be of any benefit to you, if you have no sincere desire to be honest and real with yourself, or become a 100% emotional- feeling being, other than perhaps a transient, temporary change in your bodies.

Some of the topics we would like to cover are:
1. Breathing
2. Water & Salt
3. Whole foods
4. Bodywork- emotional ‘hotspots’
– Pain
– Ear Stimulation
– Meridian Massage
– Neurolymphatic Stimulation
5. Stretching/Exercises

We can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. Please let us know via, if you would like to register your attendance.
If we have more than 12 interested participants, we will consider doing another session on Sunday 30th March.


1. Am I going to this event, out of addiction, to take from people? Or am I going to participate, learn and to give?

2. Am I going to this event in the state of rage/anger? Or a state that is open and humble?

3. Is there anybody potentially at the location or event that I am upset with already? If your answer is ‘Yes’ resolve the emotional issue IN LOVE, BEFORE you come to the event.

If you do not answer in the affirmative to the above questions, or you are not prepared to work out and through the issue/s you have with another before hand, please do not attend the event.

We ask that while you are at the event, that you treat others in the manor that you would like to be treated yourself.

Looking forward to a day of sharing and learning with you.

Kerry & Paige

No Time Like The Present

Happy NYR Kids!

Since a number of people have been asking we thought we’d let you know…

Great news- my restraint of trade for Wangaratta area has ceased! Yippee!

And Kerry and I have been generously offered a room to use whilst we are home in January 2014.
Therefore, if you, or someone you know, would like a Chiro, Auriculo or emotional bodywork session to kick off the new year and really start opening up to and exploring the CAUSE of issues in your life, we are happy to assist where we can.
Feel free to spread the word, and email
for further inquiries or to tee up a time!

In February we’ll be heading north to the Wondai QLD area for a month or so, and are willing to make ourselves available during that time also.

We wish you a year of biting off experiences or challenges that expand your heart and questions everything you think you know!

With love Paige & Kerry

Actioning Your Desires

We have been invited by another group, in Geelong to come and share our experiences as we have experimented with living God’s Way- basically what we have discovered so far, the ups and downs, and the evidence we have experienced of God’s awesome Laws acting in our lives- God definitely has a sense of humour! We have also been asked to share/ teach some bodywork techniques that may assist in emotional processing and soul growth.

So we have decided to book a venue for a day and offer the opportunity for others to join us.
The morning session will be a discussion format and the arvo session a hands on workshop.

WHEN: Monday January 13, 2014

TOPIC: Experimenting With The Way
TIME: 10- 12.30pm

TOPIC: Bodywork Workshop
TIME: 1.30- 4pm
REGISTER INTEREST: Please send us an email so we can gather an idea of the number of participants, and tailor the workshop accordingly.

WHERE: Newcomb Library

Upstairs Meeting Room
Cnr Wilsons Road and Bellarine Hwy
(The entrance is on Wilsons Road)

NOTE: Kitchen facilities are available, so please feel free to bring vegetarian or vegan light lunch to share.
If you have a portable massage table, you are welcome to bring it along.
Please wear comfortable clothing, ideally that either exposes or can be easily rolled up to the thigh, and upper arm.
If you have preference for substances used on your skin, please bring your own oil or cream to suit.
We are available for private bodywork sessions on Tuesday 14th January. Please email to register interest, book an appointment
or offer a venue.

Victorian Sharing Events

Kerry and I have been invited by a few groups of people in Victoria to share our experiences learning about Divine Truth. So we have decided to hold a few free information sessions whilst we are in the area that will discuss various aspects of discovering and developing a Relationship with God, God’s Laws and their evidence in our daily lives assisting us in our soul growth (when we actively engage them, and even when we don’t!), and the qualities of the Soul, that dictate EVERYTHING in our lives.
We are happy to share our personal experiences, both “good & bad”, the realities and self-realisations that continue to be revealed, as we engage the Great Experiment- growing in Love, more specifically the desire to grow in God’s Love, gradually changing the Way we love ourselves and others.

If you are interested, curious, intrigued or seeking change in your life, you are welcome to come along and join the discussion at any of the following locations.

General Discussion about experimenting with the Principles of Divine Truth.

Date: Monday 25th November, 2013

Location: “Alchera” 232 Gap Road, Ruffy Victoria

Time: 1.30-3.30pm
Hosted by: Jurgen and Roswitha

Discussion About True Health & Healing

Date: Sunday 1st December, 2013

Location: Community Living & Respite Centre
26a Percy Street, Echuca

Time: 1-3pm

Hosted by: Marg Fuller

Discussion About You & Your Spirit Friends

Location: Yarrawonga, VIC
Date & Time: TBA

Register interest at

Discussion About True Health & Healing Your Own Pain

Location: Wangaratta VIC
Date & Time: TBA January 2014

Register interest at

3 Day Self- Reflection Opportunity

Location: Leo’s Hut, East Buffalo River Road, Abbeyard Region Victoria

Date: Jan 6-9 2014


Potential experiences:
– Basic Camping: challenge comfort addictions
– Complete bush solitude, no one within cooee!
– discussions/ viewing Divine Truth material
– mediumship; assisting spirit friends
– learning basic bodywork to assist emotional healing
– self reflection & tips for emotional processing
– spending time with people who desire to grow in Love and develop a Relationship with God
– shared vegetarian meals

This event will not be structured, you will be responsible for yourself at all times. We are simply offering the opportunity for growth and self- reflection.

Register interest at

If you reside in another area and are keen to learn or discuss experimenting with Principles of Divine Truth in your life and community, we are open to the possibility of visiting your area and holding a free talk.