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Kyabra talk

We have lobbed at Kyabra Kentucky at the Lytton- Hitchins for some rest & relaxation. We are enjoying the company and the surroundings immensely. A beautiful place to spend some time to reflect and process with all that occurred in Kenya.
We are planning to do a Q & A in the ” orange room ” this Sunday from 1pm- 3pm.
Sorry for the late notice…..hopefully though you’ve seen it prior to this on the Kyabra blog.
Anyway we’d love to see you there if you so desire, and we can share some of our experiences in Kenya.


Lessons in Love: Daniel

Whilst training Vincent & Charles we had an experience that made our eyes leak once again, ( I have had many leaky eyes this trip) .
Usually when we would have a break for lunch, Paige and I would sit just outside Vincent’s shop and have our usual fruit and nuts. This day however we felt like joining Vincent, Charles and Evelryne as they wandered over to the local cafe for their usual chapati & soda. It was only a 200 m walk down the road. As we were walking a man approached us and stopped us with his question-
“can I talk with you?”. We noticed there was a strong smell of alcohol, his eyes were very red and it soon became apparent that he was an alcoholic and had been drinking.
My response to this man was ” sure” as I paused and turned toward him. He immediately asked for some help & pulled his shirt and pants up to reveal his skin. It was blotched all over with huge white patches looking like he had some severe skin disease, plus a few extensive surgery scars. He proceeded to tell us that he was in an accident & that he needed some money to help him cover the costs for the hospital expenses in order for him to get better. All of a sudden because we had paused there were 20 or 30 school children surrounding us and it became hard to talk with him amongst the noise.
Charles was trying to urge us forward & Evelryne was tugging at us screwing up her face for us to move and not bother with him. I noticed Vincent shake his hand warmly and talk to him in Kisii language compassionately. I/we explained to Charles & Vin that we wished to talk with this man and try and help him, not just brush him off and ignore him as so many others have done.
So then we asked him why he felt he could ask us two white people for assistance and not Vincent and Charles, who were standing right beside us. He avoided the question, and just kept lifting up his shirt to show us his injuries again. I said to Vincent that this was a real opportunity to express love to this man and that we wished to continue our discussion, so we invited him to come with us to the cafe to talk more.
Vincent gently took him by the hand, and walked with him though the crowd of kids, who were also demanding our attention.
When we sat down at the cafe we asked him his name.
“Daniel” was the reply. To this we responded ” nice to meet you Daniel” and shook his hand. Another man walked by and made some derogatory comment towards him- judging him and having a go at him ” here you are again asking for drink money!”
He looked really nervous, and seemed timid in nature. This was no accident that he approached us today. I prayed that I be able to stay in truth and Love as I spoke with this man. I can honestly say that I did feel love in my heart for him- the pain and sadness was oozing out of him. I asked him if he would kindly answer our question.
“Why did you ask myself and Paige for help, but not Vincent & Charles. What was it you really wanted?”
Again he skirted around it. Charles was interpreting, and he said that Daniel was still insistent on money, 57,000, to help him get treatment from the hospital in order to get better. I asked him if treatment from the hospital had helped him feel better in the past. To which he replied “no”.
We asked him how would he feel if we walked up to him in the street, smelling strongly of alcohol, and asked him for a significant amount of money?
Would he give it to us? Would he think that we would probably spend it on alcohol?
He thought about this for a moment, and realization crossed his face- he dropped his head in shame, and said “sorry sorry”, shaking his hands at us, implying ‘I’m sorry, I’ve done the wrong thing, and offended you’, and got up to leave.
We asked him, “please don’t go- we are not offended, we would like to help you.”
So he sat down again, and we asked a little more about the accident.
We said that obviously he had had money for alcohol, and why did he spend it on this instead of getting treatment with the money. And if we were to give more money would he not just spend it on more alcohol?
He replied that someone had told him if he drinks alcohol it will heal him.
I suggested that maybe, the alcohol was only numbing the pain, and if he really wanted to heal, that he could look within. He didn’t quite understand this, so I lent over towards him, looked him in the eye and said, “What is inside your heart Daniel , that hurts so much and is so sad, that makes you want to drink to take the pain away?” With this Daniel immediately began to shake all over. His eyes started to well up, and he was fighting back tears. Charles kept interpreting,
“Because we love you we are wanting to help you really heal, not just give you money, because that doesn’t change what’s inside you.”
Daniel now had tears streaming down his face. And his whole body was shaking. This was a powerful moment. I had tingles running down my neck and back.
Myself and Paige also started to well up, and kept encouraging him to cry and to allow this feeling that was overwhelming him. Charles and Vincent were looking amazed. They were experiencing and witnessing what we had been talking and sharing with them about healing and feeling your emotions. Charles then began to speak about how holding in these feelings was only hurting him, and stopping God from being able to help him and guide him. We explained that the alcohol was poisoning him, and preventing him from feeling all the feelings in his heart and soul that are causing him pain, and creating misery in his life.
We encouraged Daniel to keep crying and that this was good, that it was God helping him release the sadness in him that kept him in pain and if he truly let go it his body could heal, permanently. He seemed to understand.
I asked Daniel if he had eaten today, to which he replied “no”. So I gave him some fruit and bought him a mandazi ( kinda chapati thingy). I invited him to stay and eat with us, but he was really connecting to some sadness, but also we could sense he felt embarrassed and ashamed to be emotional in front of these strangers, especially to other Kenyan men. So suggested also that if he was embarrassed about crying in front of us that it was okay to go off by himself somewhere and continue to feel his grief and cry the tears. So we shook his hand, he thanked us & he left. Then we bawled our eyes out, feeling the love that had just passed through and between us.
Wow what an experience!
Great lessons in love for all.

A Breakdown…… And we end up in hospital !

Of Kisima, Samburu.

Pastor Michael Lolwerikoi, of Kisima, Samburu.

This seems like a good way to get people’s attention, but truly that’s not why I titled this particular blog in this way. It is just a play on words that I could not ignore ( smile ).

Paige & l left Nairobi, to meet Pastor Michael in a small town north of Nairobi, called Nyahururu. From here he was to lead us into a quite remote area where he lives, via apparently very rough dirt roads.
Of course we haven’t quite arrived there yet because of the events that have taken place in the last few days.
Let me back track.
Denis has stayed in Nairobi a little longer to work through emotions and addictions that have been impeding his ability to act in harmony with Truth and Love. We hope that he will be able to re join us soon, as there are so many amazing opportunities for him here in Samburu, to engage his desire and passion for the environment, and creating loving ecosystems. Michael and his community, have already begun experimenting with ways of “reclaiming” God’s creations, and were so excited to hear about food forests, fertility pits, worm farms, wildlife habitats etc, and are super keen to learn, and share these principles with fellow Kenyans…I can feel a Learning Centre in the making!!

Paige and myself had a couple of days up our sleeves before we were to meet Michael & begin sharing Divine Truth (If you recall in an earlier blog, Michael was a man we met in the first week we were in Kenya, and we were very taken with his gentle nature & his desire to learn from us about Divine Truth. As he said it in those first hours of talking with him, “This is what I have been longing for “).
So Paige and I decided on our way to meet Michael we would go via Lake Nakuru National Park. I won’t go into detail here about our experience, as Paige is writing a blog about it. I will say it was amazing & well worth the visit. The animals are so beautiful to observe in their natural home, rather than a zoo.

Ok…so after spending 1 day/ 2 nights in Nakuru, we headed off to meet Michael in Nyahururu. It was only a short 1 hour journey for us, but for Michael from his place, 200km/ 3-4 hrs, and very rough roads. We arrived at the time we arranged, but African time was in fine form, and the 1 pm time started to stretch out to…..”I’ll be there at 2pm…..then 3…….then 4.”. And then a phone call “I’ve broken down in my car, can you please come, I have called a mechanic”. Considering it was late Sunday afternoon, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.
So we hopped in the car, got directions for which road to take & headed out to find Michael.
30 or so km down the road, we found Michael, but actually drove past because the car was different to the one he had been driving in Nairobi. We did a u-bolt & pretty soon were hooking him up to tow him into the nearby town of Rumuruti, which was only 5 km down the road. Thankfully, this strip of road was the best we had encountered in Kenya- didn’t fancy towing through a myriad of deep crevices and pot holes. The timing belt had carked it, and the mechanics (who were on a motorbike) lead us to town & to some accommodation, where they were going to continue to access the car & decide the best course of action. Michael had told us he had borrowed this Toyota landcruiser from a friend, as it was a better stronger vehicle to take on such rough roads & had decided that between the two vehicles it was better to have the stronger one in case anything happened.(smile)

The accommodation Michael had booked us into, was so lovely & quaint, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Very clean, comfortable, own bathroom & the food was amazing…..and bed, breakfast, dinner all for $16… Bargain!!!!

We had a lovely evening chatting with him about Divine Truth, sharing with him examples of living lovingly, healing, Gods Laws, prayer & faith & one of his passions, the environment.
We shared a story with them that the Lytton-Hitchins family had experienced. When we were down at Kyabra in November for summerfest, we heard the experience that the Lytton-Hitchins family had had with foxes. They had said that in previous times they were losing many hundreds of lambs to foxes that continued to come on to their property. Previously they had hired contractors to come in & shoot the foxes so they were no longer a problem to their livestock. They had started to feel that this was not loving & that they no longer wished to engage in these actions. They asked Jesus for advice on what they could do to help. He asked them to consider the following question “Why do you love your sheep more than you love the foxes, when they are all Gods creatures?”
I believe after 12 or so months of working their way through this, they no longer have a problem with the foxes killing their lambs. An experiment they were willing to undertake to see & feel the truth of.
Proof, that us humans, our beliefs & emotions, effect everything around us……our environment, animals & other humans. That animals attack & kill each other simply because of the soul condition of humans. Wow that’s powerful !!

After Michael heard this story, he paused, reflected, closed his eyes as he usually does (to connect with how he is feeling, l think) and said. “This happens in my home, many neighbors in my village, not more than 500m away, experience the same loss of lambs due to foxes… but they never attempt to take or eat mine.” He said this so humbly & truthfully …no arrogance…he was simply reflecting on what we had said & feeling in his own soul, the truth of what was occurring in his own home.

Many things we have shared together with Michael is affirming our desires to spend more time with him. He is a very gentle man, whom I feel already has received Divine Love. He has a wife, Christine, (whom he said unfortunately we probably wouldn’t get to meet) who works in Nakuru, as a nurse predominately with people who have HIV, some 7-8hrs away from their home. He said this enables them to be able to survive & he can continue to be of service. He has 3 children whom are all away at university or boarding school. He also has 5 orphans, who he has taken in as his own, and they are currently away at boarding school also.
Michael has never once demanded anything from us, but instead is so grateful from his heart of what we share & give to him. When a person acts this way, you actually desire to give more to them.
So often we have met Kenyans that l suppose see 2 white people & immediately ask for what they would like to have (technology wise or pay for them to visit Australia) to be able to view the teachings, which kinda feels a bit yucky. I still need to feel more about this one. Of course they can’t afford computers because of the very low wages they receive. And they are asking to hear & learn more! We are currently looking into the best cost effective way of providing them with the means to do this. And discerning the level of desire & honesty within them. Generally, as Jesus has reminded us, the more time spent with someone, the better able to feel & see their integrity. The facade is usually uncovered. Of course initially we generally feel & are guided about those that are sincere, but we are also being thorough with the money that we are stewards for & making the best decisions with spending; and who to gift it to.
We have encountered many interactions, where people obviously feel they can take advantage. Standing in the supermarket car park, a 10 year old will walk up, say “hi, how are you” then immediately put his hand out, asking for 50 bob. The fuel bowser attendant, takes the shillings for the fuel, then asks for money to buy his lunch. He is not impressed when we hand him an apple, out the car window!!! We have stopped on the side of the road in towns, assessing the map, and men have walked up to the window seemingly offering their guidance- agh, no. Apparently, answering “yes or no” to a question, requires us to pay them for their ‘generosity of spirit’!! The “generosity” quickly wanes, and becomes cursing under their breath and looks of hatred, when we refuse to be part of the demand. Then an hour down the road, again looking for directions, this time us asking someone, the reply is given, along with a genuine smile and nod of “you are most welcome”. Walking through the markets, just because you make eye contact, smile and say hi, apparently that is an opening for “you have acknowledged me, now you owe me something”. I am amazed at the projections flying left right and centre, “you owe me; you must give to me; I want something from you- and you should want to give it to me!” Are they simply reflecting the injury, that we, the white west have actually created in them. The West didn’t even ask- they just came, and took, exploited, raped and pillaged basically, by force if necessary. Is it any wonder they hold beliefs of disdain???

Michael is keen to learn as much as he can about technology, he has offered to help learn & share divine truth in anyway he can. Already he has chosen a voluntary role of service in his rural area (rather than accept many job offers in Nairobi). He told us that not many people are willing to go to the rural areas to assist in fostering change, that many of these people are marginalized- forgotten about. His passion is to help these people implement change, embracing news ways of sustainability; a more holistic approach to living. We have talked about creating Loving Eco systems, and he gets so excited, nearly leaping out of his seat at times, exclaiming “Yes, YES!”, like he already knows, and is affirming his feelings. He has been experimenting with different ways of doing things, loving the land, all of God’s creatures, and giving back, rather than taking.
Wow! I’m blown away! Here is a man that has been longing, finding his way, with God, independent of ‘Human Religion’, and now his desire for God’s Truth & Love has drawn to him this incredible opportunity. It is such a pleasure to be with him.
He also said he had this feeling a while back, that visitors would be coming, so he & his community have started to build a small camp house for people to stay, with his ultimate goal being to have it connected to solar power & also providing a space to gather & learn. He said initially he didn’t know who or how, but now feels that is was probably for us & continued visitors from Australia or potentially anyone from anywhere that might want to come & further share & experience with him principles of Divine Truth.

Again Michael was never asking for money or resources to realize his dream. He simply shares his story and what he feels. He has told us how he writes proposals to receive grants & donations in order to bore for water and install solar pumps, providing clean fresh drinking water to remote communities. All of this is done on a voluntary basis- that he has a few friends that have helped him out financially with this. It can be a slow process sometimes taking up to one year to gather the funds for one complete system to be installed. We talked with about the potential power of his soul to create & realize his dreams, if he was willing to release all the emotions blocking this process. How he could pray to God to help with this process & explained that how God brings about the opportunities for this to happen through the ‘law of attraction’. Giving examples & sharing experiences, as this is one of my favorite ways to teach or share. He seems to “get” everything we share with him, like a part of his soul already knew & he just needed someone to help him with refinement & confirmation. ( although ultimately God can do this for him ). He too has many examples of Gods love in action to share to with us. It’s so awesome & cool.
I just wanted to share with you a little more about Michael, hope I didn’t ramble on !

After spending a night in Rumuruti, the next day we discovered that we had to drive back with Michael to Nakuru to get the part he required for the mechanics to fix the vehicle. This was close to a two hour drive!
As we entered the outskirts, Michael asked us if he could stop at the hospital to meet his wife, just for a few minutes. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to meet Christine. She met us at the gate & after a few warm greetings she took us inside & offered to show us through the hospital.
It was a pretty basic set-up; 100 bed Inpatient, comprised of female, male, paeds and acute rooms, 8-10 beds per room; then Out Patients, Physio, Pharmacy, Maternity, HIV and Tuberculosis clinics. Bahati District Hospital is one of 6 hospitals in Nakuru, and the patients were majority malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis, with some that had diabetes and general health issues. It seems they are very busy there, with only two nurses on shift, one for in patients, and one for out patients, and they earn about $200 per month (how bout those ratios girls!!!)& two Doctor for the entire hospital. We must have caught them in a lull though. We were introduced to Christine’s work colleagues, who were all very friendly, and before long we were sitting down in Caroline’s office (clinical clerk, keeps all the Patient records up to date) chatting.
Caroline asked us what we were doing in Kenya. We explained that we were here to share Divine Truth, some spiritual material. She asked ” so tell me about this Divine Truth.”
Of course that was our invitation to share, in a place that could really benefit.

Caroline And Baby, Paige, Christine, Jane and Kerry- Discussing the Soul Causes of Physical Illness

Caroline And Baby, Paige, Christine, Jane and Kerry- Discussing the Soul Causes of Physical Illness

We based our discussion around healing, the soul, how our denied, ‘held onto’ emotions cause disease & sickness. They were all enthralled & and as we spoke, and discussed, more faces were appearing at the door, wanting to listen. They all said that what they were doing wasn’t helping, only band-aiding the problem, that no change or real healing was taking place. When talking with Christine, about how our emotions can cause disease, unless we are willing to feel and release them- she understood. She explained that the statistics for death from HIV was higher among men than it was for women.
” Men are rigid and don’t want to express any emotion or how they feel…..the women live longer as they are more willing to cry and share how they are feeling,” she explained, “most of the patients here don’t need medical help, there is something wrong inside, they need emotional help”.
This was awesome !!!
They quickly invited us back to spend a day, giving a talk to the patients and one for all the staff. Of course we didn’t need to think about that one, we willingly agreed and asked them to organize a day, let us know in advance, and we would most definitely pencil it in.
The nurses all wanted to hear more, and because technology is so expensive here, and they don’t have facility to watch off hard drives, they asked if it were possible to burn on DVD as most had tv and DVD player. They mentioned how when one of them comes across new information, they then pass it around amongst the staff, sharing it with their families and all learning together. We are investigating some options for this issue. We did loan a hard drive to Caroline, as her husband had a laptop and would be home for the week, so we gave her some instruction (bringing out the computer) and gave her the hard drive for a couple of weeks. Whilst we had the computer out, we put on an interview with Jesus, on ‘Soul causes for physical diseases, with Geoff Whitehead ‘.
After 3 hrs slipped by of listening, discussing, answering questions etc, one of the late comers asked, when we offered her a copy of the Divine Love Prayer, where does this come from?

Jane is the wife of a Presbyterian minister, up until this point, she was fully engaged in the conversation, asking questions about a story we shared that occurred in Kineni, with a Ishmael, a 12mth old boy with fever, pneumonia and ancestral spirit attachment, she was with us all they way right up until she heard the response to her question about the origin of the prayer. Whoa…did this rock her world! I cannot describe the double take, body language and the look on her face, she was completely confronted and could not have it that this man here on the video was in fact Jesus of the bible. After having spent 2-3 hrs of her being completely involved and open to what we had been discussing, she just shut off.

We allowed her to express her views, and engaged in a logical discussion with her, as best we could, however her walls went up and she was no longer willing to even investigate. Paige asked her, “you say you believe in God, but why? What makes you so sure that God exists?” She said because of all the creation around me and that the bible tells me so- we tried to reason with her, and challenge her ‘logic’, but in the end we realised she wasn’t budging. She agreed with many of the things we shared, but this, that it came from Jesus, who has returned, she could not. But she did take the prayer- Paige suggested she experiment with it. When she prays, and “Sincerely longs to God, with feeling from your heart, not words from your head, and as you read the prayer long for God to help you discern whether it is true or not- and see what happens? What harm is there in giving it a go?
God wants us to know the truth- how do you now discern what it true or not, when so many people have different opinions? Surely, If God loved you, he would have designed a way for you to know for sure?? Maybe that is something you could investigate for yourself?? Rather than just believing everything you are told or taught.”

Anyway, it was really good for us- previously, interactions like this, have challenged us greatly, and we have felt the need to ‘come to the defense’ or conclusively attempt to convince (possibly because we ourselves had not resolved this issue, but wanted it to be true). Not today- we just shared, said when we disagreed with her reasoning, and loved her through the process, and were okay with her deciding “enough now”. This is transformational for me. This, has shown me I have changed something in my soul- and I am just so excited and grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead! (More tears of joy)
The others didn’t seem to have a problem with it. In fact Caroline asked earlier, how did people in Australia and the rest if the world feel about this man being Jesus? We said many are angry, or refuse to investigate the possibility, and many are still unsure, even those who have been learning Divine Truth for 6 or 7 years, but that they have been curious enough to investigate the material anyway, and are applying it in their lives to see if it works. She agreed, people need more than what the world currently offers, and if its about Love, why wouldn’t you check it out!! I like this lady- she was sensible, and not constrained by what everyone else thinks. Caroline was really keen for us to return, and learn more about the Soul and True healing. “These people need to hear this- we don’t know how to help their soul- but it needs help, we all need help”.
So we left and hopefully we will be back to share more . We kept poor Michael waiting in the gardens, but he didn’t seem to mind, as he agreed it was a DIVINE OPPORTUNITY.

This was an incredible experience and again just affirms for me, how when you are in your desires, and willing to feel your fears, that the opportunities just open up everywhere- in the most unlikely of places. It so so cool. YAY!!!
So that was our experience of breaking down in the car and ending up in the hospital. Certainly not the way we would have expected, but an excellent way of doing it.
Thank you God.

NB: We made it back to Rumuruti with the part needed, albeit in the dark ( which we would not advise in Kenya as the roads are bad ). Patience is a virtue in Kenya, there is no such thing as a quick trip to town. But the Car is fixed & we are heading off today to follow Michael to his place in Samburu. A long arduous trip, rough roads & 200km, probably 4-5 hrs drive time. We don’t mind, as so much fun and growing awaits us there!!!

The Most Loving Thing To Do

In this post I am going to attempt to be as honest & truthful as l can & with humility, explain the events of the last week. Paige & l have both expressed our feelings & thoughts on things, as this is what we both desire to do. However some important guidance & gems we received from Jesus & Mary, that we wish to share, hopefully, we will be able to do without doubling up.
We are back in Nairobi, having been here for a few days, processing some emotions, de- briefing & resting.
We have withdrawn from the Ogembo project because on our assessment, there were many things that Javan was not willing to be clear or honest about.
It has been a valuable lesson for Paige & I, on how when you stand firm for truth, you are totally supported by Gods laws, and when you are wishy washy it just doesn’t even cut it . You just can’t be a little bit truthful, it has to be all, or the consequences are painful to your soul & to me it feels like it is shrinking rather than growing in love. It actually hurts!
You see what had occurred ( after our initial arrival & overwhelming welcome ) with Javan & Susan was feeling a bit off. Paige & I were “trying” ( and l use this word loosely because that’s what it was,very loose,we should have been more firm) to get clear answers to questions from Javan but never getting the truth. He was avoiding & being dishonest with our requests for issues of evidence of how the monies that had been sent were spent, how the inverter to the solar blew up, and many other things that needed to be addressed. Also regarding care & use of the equipment & care & love of things that had been already given to them as gifts. Unfortunately we didn’t trust our own feelings on the matters and also I didn’t trust what l was being told & shown by my spirit guides. Denis also wasn’t supporting us on these important matters, but l would rather let him have an opportunity to speak about it truthfully if he chooses to. It is not my intention to speak unfairly or dishonestly about Denis & his actions.I will be as frank & loving as l can be;
There was an incredible amount of spirit influence with Javan & Denis that was making things very difficult for myself & Paige. More specifically there were some very dark spirits with Javan & also attached themselves to Denis, which tried to manipulate the situation big time. One in particular with Javan whom had very self deceptive qualities, hid itself from me soon after I discovered it, and acted in a very unloving way. Constantly attacking me & influencing situations,until l was willing to feel my fear of that with him. This spirit/spirits also was able to influence Paige & myself because of some resistance we had. For eg: Paige was to drive the car, and we had discussed how the roads were bad, the speed limit being 80, unassumed speed humps appearing in the road without warning & safe driving decisions. Because there was still fear in us the spirit was able to hook in, everything went out the window with Paige( because of her fear about having to drive in the dark) and l was in terror & jumpy the whole way. Something I am normally not in the car!
This is no excuse though. We let our fears of being wrong, being ridiculed & being punished over ride our desire to stay in truth & speak more firmly.
My guides were also being very firm with me on requesting the information that was required so that we could develop a better understanding of what was really going on. We also felt Javan was using the orphans as pawns to get what he wanted, still asking for more & more money to feed them. He didn’t seem sincere about wanting to address the underlying emotions as to why they were hungry & without food.
Anyway it just so happens that our beautiful friends in Aus, Mary & Jesus , inquired as to how it was all going with Javan & Susan
I cannot thank them enough for the love, patience, guidance, advise & support they gave us on all that was occurring. Even the detail we didn’t give -they could feel the truth of what was happening.

So, finally……Paige & l dove into the “love bag”,ruffled around & pulled out a couple of things – the belt thingy, oh yeh “loins girded with truth” ” shield of faith”
oh may as well go for the whole kit & kaboodle.
“breastplate of righteousness, boots of peace, helmet of salvation & sword of truth” & away we went: ( honestly it really helped with the spirit influence- in those moments they had no power over us).
Along with Mary’s motto-
“I can experience 3 minutes of terror or 3 months of regretful processing praying for another opportunity to confront fear” we felt our terror & stood firm with truth.
Good one Mary, boots of peace & a gentle ‘kick up the bum’ ! ( smile) I tell you I will choose 3 mins of terror anytime now!!

Something else Mary advised us on

1. In your meeting with everyone back at Ogemba make sure you back yourselves, trust the fact that you have felt that things are ‘off’ from the beginning. These guys (Denis & Javan) and the spirits with them, will try to play the ‘you aren’t loving’ card with you by implying or telling you that you have made a wrong assessment, you don’t care for the orphans or the problems of Africa (or basically any other weak spot your spirit body shows them will lead you to question yourself and have you feeling guilty).

Mary was right, they did pull a few cards out of the deck.

In this instance I felt that Paige & I did well with Javan & Susan. We spent a long time asking them very direct & specific questions. We pointed out to them their lack of gratitude, care & love for gifts already given. Their unwillingness to be honest & transparent with us, their lack of sincerity in wanting to develop a relationship with God. We explained the error that has occurred & gave then the lesson in love, being very thorough & clear, speaking slowly so that they understood fully. We asked them to reflect very deeply & start to really search their souls for the reasons & emotions as to why they were in the situation they were in. ” It was time to be really real”. If they truly desired a Relationship with God. We explained that we had to leave, as this was the most loving thing to do. And that God couldn’t help them until they started to honor His laws. We said that at the end of the day if they really desired a relationship with God and to grow in love, that they they did not need us, Jesus & Mary, or the technology- they could do it all with God . We left them the booklets Raj and others had made & said we would need to feel a big change in their hearts for us to return. And do you know what…… We could both feel in our hearts & soul that this was the truth. We could feel that we were totally supported & loved by our spirit friends & God. That because we finally stood firm for truth,God & all Her laws were working for us, not against us, as they previously had been doing because we weren’t brave enough to trust ourselves, and the process.
I found myself in tears afterwards as I was writing to Mary . And before I knew it I had said & wrote ” l love god”.
Oh my goodness the impact I felt with writing & feeling those words was so powerful. I realised this was the first time in my life that l had said those words but actually felt it to be true. I had love for God, I had a taste of having faith in Her. That all that I knew in my head previously was starting to become a feeling in my heart. Thankyou God for trusting & believing and waiting for me to get to know you.
My error in all of this was the lack of love l displayed to our brother Denis. I will admit, l got frustrated and then angry with him, as it felt like he was really resisting us, when we tried to discuss things with him. He was triggering big time all my unresolved emotions l had with my Dad, and even though l was encouraged by my beautiful soulmate Paige & my loving spirit friends to have more compassion for him, l couldn’t seem to manufacture it. I longed to God to please help me, show me my error, & help me develop this feeling of compassion for Denis, that l had had with Javan. I felt l really connected to some anger & frustration. l had fear with actually being just as firm & truthful with Denis, that we had been within Javan. Finally I was ready. Firstly l apologized to Denis for my unloving behavior toward him, and l admitted that l had had no compassion for him, and for this l was truly sorry. Through tears l could feel the compassion leaking into my heart & the words that came out felt sincere. ” this is what true compassion feels like”. I could understand & have love for my brother just as I did with Javan. We then had a very open & honest discussion about all the things that we were each feeling & all the things we were concerned about with Denis. Things have progressed & moved forward in a positive direction since then- for us anyway.

I find myself talking & praying more & more to God now.
Now I really desire to develop a longing to receiving love from God. More & more it feels like I can trust Her, I feel like I’m starting to develop a relationship with Him.

Below are some gems from Mary, that guided us so beautifully & we wished to share.

Love of self never sacrifices love of others
Love of others never sacrifices love of self

If you feel that there needs to be a sacrifice in order to achieve ‘love’ – its not love you are aiming for.

Love is always harmonious with itself.

Three important principles to remember
1. If you love your brother – you will offer him truth whatever their potential response may be

2. Taking action sooner rather than later maximises the opportunity for growth for everyone, and is most in harmony with God’s Laws

3. You give spirits power over you when you live in fear of them. If you stand up to them with truth and love they lose their power.

There have been times in the past week where Paige & l both feel like we have failed, but we realize what an important & growthful period of time this has been for everyone. We made it so much harder than it could have been, only because of our resistance. Our fear was our biggest enemy. But you know what……now we have this experience carved in our hearts, we ” know” it works.
So in finishing this post I would like to say.
Thank you God for always loving me.
Thank you to my beautiful soulmate Paige, for always being consistent & constant with your love, for being beside me, and speaking honestly with me, no matter how hard the truth might be for me to feel.
Thank you to Mary & Jesus. Your advice & guidance & love is so awesome.
Thank you to Javan & Denis for assisting me to develop more love & point out the errors in me.

As I am about to post this, I have just come across a Youtube Clip I would like to share:

Sharing Divine Truth with Pastor Michael

‘ What we are is God’s gift to us; what we become is our gift to God’ Anon

20130508-184238.jpg Paige,Denis,Kerry & Michael

We met Pastor Michael through Chris, ( the man who installed the solar power at Javan’s centre )
who had given us his contact because he had a vehicle to sell that he thought might suit our needs.
As it turned out though, it wasn’t the “vehicle for us to drive” but it was the ” vehicle” with which we were to connect with & share Divine Truth with Michael.
What a beautiful gentle man,who already had a deep faith in God. He asked us why we were here in Kenya,and as we explained our desires to share divine truth & love with Javan & his community, his heart opened more & more. We could feel his longing for us too to share with him & his community.
We invited him to stay at Wildeebeest a night with us, so that we could spend time with and talk with him, & to show him a presentation on the computer.
Michael is a Maasai who lives some 400 km north of Nairobi, in the Sambura region. He told us he is not connected to any religion, that he is non denominational. In fact he seemed to be quite despondent with the Christian religions & their beliefs, feeling they were quite controlling, demanding of money & not teaching about the true nature of God.
He came over in the evening and we had dinner together. He was so open to everything we shared with him about Divine Truth. He said that this is what he had been longing for & that God had sent us to him.
After dinner we showed him part 1 of ” The Way” . It was just Denis & myself watching with him as Paige wasn’t feeling that well, and decided to retire early & just have some time with herself.
As it was way past Denis’s bedtime ( about 8.30 pm l believe) he nodded off into sleep 10 minutes in to the video, explaining later that he was in fact “teaching Michael in his sleep state & distracting any spirits that maybe be stopping Michael from listening” hee hee, ( good one Denis). Anyway Denis achieves a lot in his sleep state as he was back on board after half an hour!
Michael seemed to be enthralled with what he was hearing, and constantly nodded & made sounds of confirmation & quiet “yes, yes, yes” . Many questions followed,about God, love, the land, religion, equality among man & woman & hope for his country.
We did our best to answer them as best we could. He then asked if it were possible to learn more, and watch more & could he have a copy of the hard drive with all the teachings on it,as he has a small laptop with which to watch it on. Of course we said yes. The feeling coming from him was so sincere and he was so grateful for what we were sharing with him. I could have have stayed up all night talking with him, but finally we all retired about midnight.
The next morning we had more discussion with him over breakfast & offered to take him back to where he had been staying in Nairobi (which was about an hour the other side of the city) so that he could show us this place & that we could help him navigate the DT hard drive on his computer. It was quite lovely where he stays when he comes to Nairobi. A catholic guesthouse run by nuns “The Sisters Of The Precious Blood” ( oy oy oy……lots of emotions to feel about my catholic upbringing still).
We had a cup of tea with him & our driver Kyale (pronounced Charlie) & again had great discussions about God, love, emotions, the spirit world, prayer & much more. Kyale was doing a lot of the question asking this time & he too wanted to know more. So after finding out that he had the facility to watch,we said we would give him some USB ‘s with some material on it & then if he wanted more we would get him a hard drive on our return to Nairobi.
Whilst talking more with Michael & showing him how to use the hard drive, he asked if he could “join our team”. He has a desire to spread Divine Truth….and wanted us to come after we had spent time with Javan & help him learn, see his village & meet his family & community. He is part of the Maasai in the north, which he explained is much more traditional than the south. The south is catering more to the tourist & very expensive. I remember when I was here 15 yrs ago, that that was how it was. He really sincerely wanted to have us stay with him & his wife Christine and three children, and to show us around. He wanted to know how he could balance effects with causes. How to meet the immediate needs of his community, when they didn’t have have food or water & how to help them & himself address the causes within themselves. He just seemed to “get” everything we shared with him. It feels to me that he is someone that has received some Divine Love already. When we were explaining to Kyale about emotions & how they block God’s love, Michael explained in further detail in Swahili & basically told him that it was ok to cry, to surrender & feel.Wow!!! How awesome!!!!
So our time in Africa is certainly becoming more & more exciting by the day…..we may even extend our time here. It just feels like people here are so much more open to God.

To quote Kyale on our drive back home,
” God is good for sure”
Don’t you just love it, l certainly do.!!!

Below are some photos of where we are staying & around Nairobi.


<img src="" alt="20130508-21120




Welcome to Kenya- Jumbo Habari

Wow! We’ve finally arrived!
After a sleep deprived 36hrs or so, it was so nice to land in Kenya and be greeted by Sammy our driver and taken to our accommodation at Wildebeest Eco Camp.

This place is awesome & suits us to a tee, (though if you are into 4 star hotel accommodation it would challenge a few addictions for you!). Wildebeest is set on 5 acres of lush green gardens with a range of eco friendly tents, budget rooms, solar power, open style dining & facilities, loads of friendly faces, & it seems to be only mildly leaving a footprint on the earth- they recycle here!!!

After a “good” nights sleep (minus the 3 pee dashes 150 m away in the shared facilities, hence the priority of purchasing a multipurpose pee bucket today!), we ventured out with our newest friends from the camp, Justus & Charlie, to do some car hunting & research. Charlie ushered us into the car, with direction to the “bigger one” (paige) to jump in the front. We had a laugh about that, but Charlie had absolutely no judgement about it, he was simply stating a logical truth.

As Paige mentioned, we were generously given $20,000 for the purchase of a vehicle & hopefully some (or at least one) water tanks . These 2 guys were just beautiful & so helpful in our search. Justus freely gave his time to travel about with us, which meant during our car rides we got to know them a little better.

Justus, 26 yrs old, is from the Masai Mara & has left his wife & little boy there whilst he works in the city to provide for them, often not seeing them for a couple of months at a time. He says he misses them terribly, being 250km away from Nairobi, down towards Narok Town. He has offered to take us to his home & visit the area. It takes Justus a whole day to travel via public transport to reach his remote village. He explained to us that he was fortunate enough to do 4 years of high school, which was sponsored by someone from his village originally. The owners of Wildebeest (who are Australian) offered to pay for him to study tourism at college & also employ him at the camp. In his gratitude for these opportunities to better his life, he sponsored Rose, a young girl from his village, to attend high school (which she has now completed, and wishes to go to college).
Justus did this, even though he earns a modest 15,000 Kenyan shillings ($180) per month. To give you a better understanding of the value of money, it cost us 4500 KSh to be picked up from the airport which is a 25 min drive. We bought a few items at the supermarket, fruit, bottled water, nuts, for 3000 KSh. And yet a SIM card for a mobile phone is 100 KSh ($1.20).

Charlie, is also married with 3 children & we think he actually lives in Nairobi. He is self-employed, as a taxi or driver, and is dedicated to sending his 3 children to college. Education is a high priority for many here in Kenya, and the desire is great, although opportunities are minimal due to the cost. I cannot help but wonder how many australian children would voluntarily walk 20km to and from school everyday because they desired to learn??

Whilst driving about town, sussing out prices, we had many opportunities to answer their questions and share why we are visiting Kenya. We explained to them that we’d been invited to present some spiritual material to some people in Ogembo. “Oh, religion” was their initial response. when we replied “No”, and explained further, their curiosity & hearts longed for more information. Answering question after question, we shared about Love , God, Truth, honesty & integrity. We could feel the openness & passion in their hearts. Charlie, was torn, as he had to concentrate on driving, but was eagerly bouncing in his seat, not wanting to miss a single word! He said ” we only have hope in God & our people need to learn about love”. He talked about the violence & the deaths that happened in 2007 after the elections, & that now these people that killed others were driven mad by “the devil” & were searching for some help- many at a loss as to why they killed so many people. He said they couldn’t live with themselves for what they had done & were feeling sorry & tortured for their actions.

We offered to share with Charlie & Justus about divine truth & do some presentations for them,& also for those people that were so tortured with their unloving actions in the past. Charlie nearly jumped out of the drivers seat with excitement & l couldn’t help but feel the desire he had. l had tingles running through my body as we spoke of what we have learned & the response that these 2 beautiful souls had. Both were very interested in this offer & also Charlie seemed to have some connection to these people that were involved in the violence, so we will see what eventuates from that. It was so exciting to feel their desire to know more, we were just in awe of how all these people, places and events ‘coincidentally’ fall into place.

I feel this part of my life, this journey, is going to be life changing for me. My desire to help & spread divine truth seems to have really begun now, with this opportunity to share with the African nation of Kenya.
I know I have lots of stuff in me that might be ugly & that I need to feel & release, but I don’t want this to stop me from trying to help other people. I have found divine truth & I’m so grateful for that & the changes it’s making in my life & I want to be able to share that with others who also are seeking more to life- who want to know themselves better than they currently do, who want to grow their souls & discover God, to become more kind & loving.
I want to be able to work through my fears instead of living in them, so I can more fully action my desires, become more loving & have a better relationship with God, my partner Paige and everyone else – my brothers & sisters.
I know I will make mistakes along the way, but its awesome to think ( I’m working on the feel part) that God loves me anyway & that He wants me to see me just as He does- warts & all. He desires for me to love me,& to discover my true personality & all the qualities unique to my soul. I look forward to discovering who that is & what other desires & passions I have contained in this little soul.


* Denis, Paige, Justus, Kerry