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The Narrow Path

In 2009 I was struggling emotionally and physically to make it through the work day. My practice had taken on a life of its own, and I was literally burning the proverbial candle at both ends trying to manage this monster I had created- it was consuming every bit of me, and I was hurting- my soul was hurting. I knew in my heart something was off with this version of “healing”- surely, if there was healing really occurring here, I would be witnessing change. Growth. And I would not be suffering as a consequence. But where was I going wrong? There HAD to be more to it. An integral piece of the puzzle was missing, and I wanted to find it. I had to find it. Because this current existence, was killing me, and hurting others in ways I did not fully comprehend yet – but I could feel it.

In short, I was in overwhelm. I needed help. I was seeking guidance to find my way. I was off track, miserable, and spiraling into withdrawing from life. I had no energy left to give. I was spent.

Some believe that place of overwhelm to be a dangerous state to be- not me. That overwhelm lead to surrender. And by surrender I mean, giving up the need to control everything in my life. Clearly, my “management” skills were working against me. It got so big, and heavy and dark and gloomy- I just didn’t have the strength to drag it around anymore. My facade was blown, big time. Everything I was trying to hide, keep a lid on, and self-manage, was written all over my face for all to see. Seriously- who was I kidding!!! It was time to stop juggling and let all the balls drop to the ground.

This lead me to discover Labyrinths. A tool for self reflection. A metaphor for discovering your real self along a narrow path leading the way to God. I became fascinated with the reflections creating them revealed.


HeartWings 2009- my soul obviously knew how I felt about Kerry before my heart and mind cogged in!

Ponderance- an internal muse

Moonlight Dance 2009- this was inspired by a trip to Uluru

Insight 2009- the all seeing eye

Oneness 2010- reconciliation

Lotus Labyrinth 2009- this one came into being when I began longing and wondering about what it would be like to have my soulmate in my life, and the journey I may travel before we meet.

Twelve months later, Kerry was in my life ( which triggered a whole knew level of overwhelm!) and we discovered The Secrets Of The Universe, and Divine Truth. A narrow path, lead to the narrow path!


Mandala Magic





I love drawing and painting Mandalas. You never quite know the journey they will take you on as they come to form.

Community 2007


This piece I painted for a friend who had just set up the non profit organization, Rebalance The Globe. Little did I know, I would become involved in the project, and end up traveling to Mayapur, West Bengal, the following year to assist Nicole and the team with getting a mobile Homeopathic Health bus up and running throughout the district. Another surprising life experience based on desire!