Paige’s Ponderings

Connecting The Dots

“Weeheeheehee dee heeheeheehee weeoh aweem away. Shhhh…… In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle, The Lion Sleeps Tonight…”

For as long as I can remember, this hit by The Tokens, along with The Muppets Theme song, has been one of my Favoritist songs ever. Actually, if i really think about it, it was probably on The Muppet Show that I first experienced the joy of dancing around the lounge room to this song. To this day, I cannot wipe the smile off my face when I belt out this song- strange, but true!

“Near The Village, The Peaceful Village, The Lion Sleeps Tonight…”

Not your average teenager- for my seventeenth birthday, the highlight of the day for me was going to see the latest Disney movie The Lion King (a trip to the flicks was a pretty rare event in my family back then). Then for my Eighteenth (yes, 18- hey we are all kids at heart aren’t we?), I jumped with delight when I received The Lion King colouring book and Mug that Video Ezy had going as a promotional pack for the release of the DVD. That little pack of crayons and I were in a world of our own for weeks after that.

“Hush My Darling, Don’t Fear My Darling, The Lion Sleeps Tonight…”

A few years ago, I decided to re-equaint myself with my passion for painting. During an art class excercise, this appeared upon my canvas.


“Wimoweh, a-wimoweh, wimoweh, a-wimoweh, A-wimoweh, a-wimoweh-ah”

During 2010 whilst investigating the new age path, I experienced for the first time, a conscious awareness of an interaction with a spirit.  At the time, it was under the guise of a “past life regression”, now I know that it was a woman who lived in Africa showing me her life. She showed me where she lived, her grandchildren, the women in her village that she assisted during labour, her own pregnancy, and her death as an old woman with many of her village surrounding her, gathered around her mud hut, singing her home. Around this time I was very focused in my Practice on educating new-to-be parents in natural childbirth, and how women’s bodies are designed to give birth without pain and the role of emotions affecting the nervous system, and how Birth can actually occur without pain. Conception, Pregnancy, and Birthing have been a passion for sometime- we have a phenomenal designer! This African lady has been visiting me again lately….I get the impression she is a little bit excited- can’t imagine why! (smile)

Twelve months ago, I was messing around on Youtube and these movies came to my attention: Cry Freedom, Shooting Dogs, Sometimes In April, A Walk To Beautiful, Desert Flower. Something happened in my heart as I watched these- a seed began to grow.

Never, would I have imagined that six months later I would hear on the grape vine that a guy in rural Kenya, desired to discover real Love and Truth, following the pain and saddness of his fellow parishoners being burnt alive during government elections AND that now I, along with Kerry and Denis, would be leaving in eleven days time to Africa, to share with all those who have invited us to come, the Principles of Divine Truth and God’s Laws of Love. Excuse me whilst  I pause to breathe, as reality settles in my heart…

…wow…what an awesome gift- my life is about to change forever.  I’m so so grateful I’ve been encouraged, and found the courage, to connect the dots. Grab your crayons kids, and connect your dots.


3 thoughts on “Paige’s Ponderings

  1. Eloisa

    So exciting Guys!
    Can’t wait to read your blogs and hear about your adventures!
    Our prayers for you on this wonderful discovery following your passions and desires.
    Love Eloisa and Peter

  2. Kay willoughby

    The time has come. Love and prayers go with you both. Enjoy this adventure and I hope it fulfills all your hopes and dream. xxx

  3. Fiona

    Thanks Paige, a beautiful beginning 🙂 Feeling enormous gratitude to you both for your openness and generosity in sharing your journeys. Will be getting out the crayons now to continue joining more dots! Looking forward to hearing more! Love to you both, Fiona xx


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