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Preliminary Results Are In – Feeling Your Feelings Reduces Pain!

The scientific evidence is beginning to come together, feeling your feelings really does reduce and alleviate physical pain.

More to the point, denying emotions, avoiding and refusing to feel CAUSES us more pain! I can certainly vouch for that one being true – Dang it! (The experimental process continues­čśŐ)
If you’d like to know more check out Luli’s preliminary findings for the ongoing research project┬áinvestigating the correlation between emotions, feelings and physical pain.

Thanks Luli for sharing the data thus far.



Actioning Your Desires

We have been invited by another group, in Geelong to come and share our experiences as we have experimented with living God’s Way- basically what we have discovered so far, the ups and downs, and the evidence we have experienced of God’s awesome Laws acting in our lives- God definitely has a sense of humour! We have also been asked to share/ teach some bodywork techniques that may assist in emotional processing and soul growth.

So we have decided to book a venue for a day and offer the opportunity for others to join us.
The morning session will be a discussion format and the arvo session a hands on workshop.

WHEN: Monday January 13, 2014

TOPIC: Experimenting With The Way
TIME: 10- 12.30pm

TOPIC: Bodywork Workshop
TIME: 1.30- 4pm
REGISTER INTEREST: Please send us an email so we can gather an idea of the number of participants, and tailor the workshop accordingly. pegznkezz@gmail.com

WHERE: Newcomb Library

Upstairs Meeting Room
Cnr Wilsons Road and Bellarine Hwy
(The entrance is on Wilsons Road)

NOTE: Kitchen facilities are available, so please feel free to bring vegetarian or vegan light lunch to share.
If you have a portable massage table, you are welcome to bring it along.
Please wear comfortable clothing, ideally that either exposes or can be easily rolled up to the thigh, and upper arm.
If you have preference for substances used on your skin, please bring your own oil or cream to suit.
We are available for private bodywork sessions on Tuesday 14th January. Please email to register interest, book an appointment
or offer a venue.