Worm Farms

Whilst attending SummerFest, a fun filled week at Kyabra Station, Kentucky NSW, learning and experimenting with permaculture techniques and Creating Loving Ecosystems, Kerry and I were the Guardians of the Worm Farms.

Originally we thought we would be just caring for the worm breeding beds, by feeding them each day, and prepping them to be transported to the Fertility Holes and Fertility Piles, that were being created at different locations on the property during the week. However it turned into a 3 day project involving deconstruction and reconstruction of eight worm beds. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and had a few dedicated helpers sorting through the scraps picking out worms and worm eggs to place into their new homes.  We learnt SO much over these three days, and developed a real love and appreciation for the amazing contribution worms make in the conversion of organic matter into soil.

We felt it was so benefical, that we decided to document the details for all to access, should you desire to start a home for these little guys, be wowed by their innate skills and see how they can transform your garden or property.


We hope to also upload a video clip interviewing us on the Worm  Breeding Project. Stay tuned.


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